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My Go-To Skincare Brand For My NewBorn

I surprised myself at how happy I am to be a mom again. As a second time mom, I’m a lot more confident. I’m well prepared and I know which products are good and which I need. I’ve tried a lot of baby products on Daniel and there are definitely some good and some meh ones. The one brand I keep going back to is Mustela Bebe.

I’ve tried a lot of baby products on Daniel and there are definitely some good and some meh ones.

Newborns. They are mad cute. The way they smell, the expressions they make, the sounds they make, their cute little clothes and how nicely they fit in our arms. Nathen has been an absolute joy to care for and love.

Mustela Bebe products are not cheap but they are so good for my child’s skin. I can’t take chances with my newborn’s delicate skin. With Nathen, we armed ourselves with all the Mustela Bebe products we’ll need for a newborn. Here are our must-buy products from Mustela Bebe.


Newborns have extremely delicate skin and it doesn’t help that in this stage of their lives, they poo and pee A LOT, causing a lot of irritation to their skin. If there is any stage of their lives you should indulge in the best you can afford for them, this stage is it.

Mustela baby

Our absolute must-have is the Mustela Bebe PhysiObebe, a no-rinse cleansing water. I use this and cotton balls to gently cleanse his diaper area and his face. It’s new formula is enriched with their patented Avocado Perseose®, to help reinforce the skin barrier and preserve the cellular resource. For newborns,  I find wet wipes a little harsh on their delicate bottoms, at least for the first month, so I use cotton balls instead.

After cleansing, I always follow up with a diaper cream to give a good protective layer over his diaper area. My choice is the Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream. I’ve gone through so many tubes of this with Daniel! It’s gentle enough for everyday use – protecting, soothing and recovering the skin continually.

With Mustela, none of my babies had any diaper rash. Thank goodness!


Baby massage is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Even the baby classes that is taught at TMC by Mrs Wong Boi Boi highly encourage new moms like me to spend some time everyday doing a bit of massage for our little ones. I use this Massage Oil when I do a bit of massage for Nathen – love how easily absorbed it is without leaving a sticky oily feel to it.

And don’t forget to moisturise moisturise moisturise! We use the Hydra Bebe Body Lotion daily after every bath time. It really does leave his skin supple and soft!

Up until age 3, your child’s skin is delicate and immature: it has few defenses against harsh elements (cold, wind, sun, dry air, etc.), it’s easily irritated, and it’s sometimes prone to red blotches. So make sure you use the right products for him/her!

Mustela baby

Nathen had a blocked nose when he was just 1 week old. Sleep was very intermittent and uncomfortable for him. Besides giving his nasal drops and using a nasal aspirator to suck the mucus out, rubbing the Mustela Soothing Comfort Balm onto his chest really helped him to sleep a little longer and calm his agitated breathing – definitely check this gem out! We still apply this on him on nights when he is very fussy, just to put him into a more comfortable state.


Mustela baby

I can’t express enough of how much we LOVE how good the Mustela Dermo-Cleansing Hair & Body Wash is!! My husband and I can’t stop sniffing at Nathen after every bath! We love how convenient this is, being a 2-in-1, body and hair cleanser.

On days when Nathen sweats a lot (why do babies sweat so much?!) or vomit gets into his hair, we’ll use a shampoo to clean his hair. We use this more with Nathen (compared to Daniel) because he has more hair too! <3

Daniel had quite a fair bit of cradle cap so we made sure to have the Mustela Foam Shampoo on hand for Nathen. If your LO has cradle cap, don’t fret. It’s very easy to make it better. Just use the shampoo and when the area is dry, rub a little olive oil over the affected areas and the dry skin will fall off. Easy peasy!

So you see why I am so addicted to Mustela Bebe range for my newborn! It smells really good and it’s specially formulated to be gentle enough for newborns. Try it and see if it works for you too. :)

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