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My Bangkok Trip!

Hi All!

I am back from BKK. Was there from 3rd to 7th Sep.

Of the “Emergency Situation In BKK”

Thank you for all who wished me safety! I am safe lah. BKK was like normal. The tourists were all still there (except Singaporeans! haha!), I did not see any riots or any protests! No killing, no fighting, nothing lah!

I did see gatherings of the weirdest kind though! Topless men carrying huge boards asking people on the streets to vote for a lady in some popularity contest. Gosh they printed her face so big on the board! Just the face alone was bigger than my whole physical self!

Oh wait, before I end on this topic I have to give the Msian Embassy in Thailand credit. Singapore government issued a warning to discourage Singaporeans to go to Bangkok these few days and to register with the SG embassy in BKK if they are still going.

I kiasu so I register with both. The SG embassy website had an online form and allowed us to just fill in our particulars – simple and quick. The Msian Embassy’s website, on the other hand, was difficult to nagivate and had no form or instructions for us to register our details. I found an email they said to email to and did so.

Imagine it. I actually got a reply from the Msian Embassy the very next day leh!! Very impressed! No news from the SG embassy!

Of Shopping!!

I went to Platinum Mall, Pratunam Market (and all the shopping centres that are hidden behind the many stalls that lined the streets of Pratunam), MBK, Central World Plaza, Yawarat and Chaktuchak Market – the usual tourists places.

Platinum Mall is like the BEST place ever for clothes man! I went crazy there. I went back there like er, so many times. Now Bangkok cannot bargain anymore. Their favourite word is “Wholesale Wholesale”. Sigh. Everything also need to buy 3 pieces than only can get a better price.

What to do? Luckily I have 3 other women travelling with me! Everything also buy more! Shiok! Hahaha Do I regret buying more? No! I only regret not buying even more!

While Platinum Mall has better bargains during the weekdays (less tourists), Pratunam market is good during the weekends. Somehow, the prices are better! Cheaper, and price tags are displayed! That means a higher chance of getting the same price as a local Thai would!

My dresses ranged from 160 Baht to 299 Baht (about SGD 7 to SGD 14) for the short ones and the one and only long one I bought was at 450 Baht (about SGD 23 or so). So cheapppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!! Most of my short dresses were only at 200 Baht leh, that’s like only SGD 9?!

So well, I ended up with about 12 dresses?!!?!?!?!?!? I dunno how I am going to wear all of it…! Haha! Of course being the girl I am, I don’t really mean it. Haha! I am really actually very pleased with my purchases.

I should have bought more!!!

See my purchases!!

There’s more! I have like 10 other hair clips (10 baht/RM0.50 versus JB’s Sinma price at RM3-4), a few other tops, dresss, bags and other stuff I did not put in this picture!

So happieeee!!

Of Food!

Sorry that’s all you get. I was too erm, well, excited about the food that I only remembered the photo taking when I reflected on nice the food was! Haha! That was at MBK. I ate at Platinum Mall’s food court twice and once at MBK. The Tom Yam Kung at Platinum Mall’s one is good good!!

I love dirty roadside stalls. They add colour and variety to one’s shopping. There’s more of these over the weekend – so imagine my pleasure when my mom said we should pack lunch back to the hotel to eat while we get ready to go to the airport on the last day!

I ate so much lah. Diet? What diet? Mango salad, pad thai, fish ball noodles, pork noodles, coconut, cincau (10 baht only wei!), beef sausage, pork sausage, chicken satay, chocolate prata (those sold at Krabi roadside stalls are way nicer), chocolate waffles, red ruby desserts, fried pork strips with glutinous rice, tom yam kung (yummy!), thai version of kway chap, and so much more!

Everything also try a bit!!

So fat now. :/

The most expensive meal I had in BKK was at Yawarat. People go to Nam Xing restaurant to have shark’s fin, bird’s nest and seafood. I thought this was the only place to have seafood.

This my favourite. I like because I like all seafood with glass noodles! :D I’ve had better ones though.

Fried Morning Glory! I ordered this because Kang Kong is called Morning Glory in BKK!! Haha! Interesting!

We had 2 bowls (1 feeds 2) of shark’s fin. Yummy! Really.

Normal not-very-nice pineapple rice

Those few dishes and a bowl of bird’s nest cost about RM150. Not THAT cheap lah right? Well, not cheap by BKK standards.

We left that place and suddenly what we didn’t see when we arrived suddenly surrounded us! There were SO many roadside stalls selling the SAME stuff at half the price!! I was oogling at the crabs that were BBQed alive!!!!!!! Cruel but oh-oh-oh-so-nice!!

I was too full to stuff another morsel of food into my mouth so we walked a bit and off we went back to my hotel vicinity for some massages. Actually I did read about this place called Sam Peng Road which is near Yawarat but we were told it was closed when we were done with dinner. Sam Peng Road apparently is the road that sells wholesale necklaces at dirt cheap prices. It was a pity we missed that!

My next trip with my mom, sis and popo again would be, HK-SZ-Macau! Food-Shopping/Spa-Sightseeing in that order! Next year maybe. Got to save money again! Hahaha!

Btw, I spent SGD400. This is excluding hotels and airfare. I haven’t split up the cost yet. :) I thought it was quite a great haul I got for 400! :)

I heart BKK.


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  1. Y-ling
    September 8, 2008 / 4:13 pm

    you mean nothing really happened in bkk? can still go??

  2. Raynebow
    September 9, 2008 / 9:25 am

    Wow! looks like u had a fabulous time in BKK – all that shopping & eating! I want i want! Atho some reports abt BKK were rather disturbing, glad to know it wasn't really tat bad after all!

  3. Ju Ann
    September 12, 2008 / 12:40 am

    ya can still go!!