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Mucota Aire Haircare Series – Review

I’m sure many of you haven’t heard of this new brand of haircare. Mucota is a highly popular Japanese brand that is now available in Singapore. Check out their full range of haircare products here. There’s also a chance to WIN a FREE Mucota DYNA Treatment worth $350. Read on to find out more.


There are 2 ranges of haircare products catered mainly for:

A) Those who want to maintan a SMOOTH & LIGHT Feeling
B) Those who want to maintain a STRAIGHT, MOIST & FRESH Feeling

I’ll be reviewing 3 products from the STRAIGHT, MOIST & FRESH Feeling Range.

Step #1: Shampoo!


I am using the Mucota Aire 02 Emollient CMC Shampoo (Aqua).

  • With scalp and hair-friendly cleansing element base
  • Bubble with smooth and soft feeling
  • Ceramide-like substance, CMC Amino element permeates into the hair, and improves the winding and loose hair that causes hair to expand
  • Loosen hardened hair due to damage to become soft
  • Soft finishing with retained moisture
  • Mangosteen sweet fragrance

My Thoughts:

I love the smell!! I love it! I put the products into my bag and my bag smelt so good! After I used it the first time, the BF absolutely loved the Grapefruit-like fragrance today! ^^ This is not a rich shampoo (some shampoos tend to be very rich in texture) but it surprisingly leaves my hair does NOT leave my hair feeling dry and tangled. In my humble experience, most shampoo which are not rich in texture usually leave my hair dry and impossibly tangled! So this was such a nice surprise.

What I didn’t like was that it doesn’t foam much. But well, this is a personal preference since I love everything I use to be foamy. Haha!

Step #2: Conditioner!

I am using the Mucota Aire 04 Veil Mask Treatment (Aqua).


  • Treatment with rich honey mixture to maintain the moisture in dry hair
  • The mixture of honey with CMC, jojoba oil has emollient (softness) effect to smoothen the internal of loose hair that had been damaged to recover its softness
  • While smoothening the moist hair, the finishing does not lose its volume
  • Refreshing Apple Peach fragrance

My Thoughts:

Again, the treatment fragrance is awesome!! The apple peach fragrance, mixed with the shampoo fragrance is really quite lovely! Again, this is not a richly textured treatment. But it did a great job in ensuring that my hair is soft, and that I am able to comb through my wet hair without any crazy tangles.

What I didn’t like was that I am supposed to put it in, then wrap it with a hot towel for for 3~5 minutes for the best effect. That’s a lot of trouble but hey, what I did instead was I just used this as a normal conditioner after shampoo and it worked very well already! I would look to using this treatment with the hot towel on a once a month/bi-weekly basis instead whenever I need some pampering. :)

Step #3: Leave-in Conditioner

I am using the Mucota Aire 10 Veil For Straight


  • Soft, supple feeling as if swayed by the wind – ideal feeling for straight hair
  • CMC-based non-rinse treatment element provides smooth finish. Protect the hair against dryness from the heat of iron or dryer.
  • 18MEA high-formula will block hair against damage by UV.
  • Refreshing Green apple fragrance


My Thoughts:

This is a leave-in treatment. After my shower, I will apply onto my hair ends and then leave it to dry. I love the size and the packaging. It’s really a compact size that allows me to bring it when I travel. In fact, I’m going over to KL for a week and I’m so bringing this! :) I tried using this treatment with another not-s0-good shampoo just to see if it’s really effective and boy, after using this, it really “whipped” my hair back into the smooth, silky state that I want my hair to be in. :)

Also it contains 18MEA which protects the hair from UV rays. I haven’t found anything to dislike about this!

DYNA Mucota is pretty amazing treatment that gives very visible results in one single treatment. It tames frizziness and gives you smooth, silky, straight hair. Check out Wendy’s blog, Rynaque’s blog, Forensia’s blog, Gollylocks’ blog and Xiaoxin’s blog reviewing it!

To win this, all you have to do is the two steps below:

1.      ‘Like’ Mucota’s facebook page
2.     ‘Like’ my blog entry on their facebook wall

As simple as that! Do it today! Contest starts 4th April and ends 18th April!

Sole Agent: Prime Group (Asia) Pte Ltd
Please call 6797688 for more information


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  1. Elizabeth
    May 16, 2012 / 11:21 am

    I bought the leave in conditioner at your recommendation. It smells heavenly!!!!

  2. sarah
    July 17, 2012 / 8:02 am

    do they sell it in malaysia? would luv to try these ^^

    • Ju Ann
      July 17, 2012 / 2:53 pm

      Not sure. :) But maybe you can go to their facebook page and ask! :D