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Movie Review – Definitely, Maybe

I read somewhere that this was the male-version of a chick flick. That sold me! I wanted to watch the show ever since I heard it was that! Well, I was really eager to see what an erm, cockmale-flick (?!?) would turn out to be! So I went in there assuming nothing, expecting nothing, ok fine, I was expecting romance and all that shit. It was a mistake.

First off, what’s this show about?

Will Hayes is forced to re-examine and tell the story of his love life before his marriage. As he tells his daughter, Maya, he mixes up the 3 women’s names and makes her guess who is Maya’s mom. I shall not spoil the story here lest’ you guys want to watch as well.

Anyway I was quite disappointed with the show. Was it a feel good movie? It did make me feel good – well, almost. Then the show ended. I felt that there were too many scenes and all not thorough enough to bring through the feel good feeling and the romance.

Emily, Summer and April – the three women in Hayes’ life. I liked them all three (well, except Emily) but like I said, the show didn’t show enough of the three woman and the lives they shared with William in order to make it seem romantic.

To be blunt, it was disappointing and very anti-climax. An “almost-there” show.

Well, should you watch this show?

Definitely, maybe (not).

Official Website: http://www.definitelymaybemovie.com/


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  1. UncleJosh
    April 21, 2008 / 5:36 am

    i would think that this movie is pretty good… :)
    explaining on how life is for a guy… since most of the movies are about the female’s life–at least i think i can relate to this…

    and i guess your point of not being able to see more romance with the three of them can be compensated if you were to try and put yourself in their shoes and imagine a bit… for me… i really enjoyed the movie… :) sophisticated summer is really appealing, her charms, her looks and the way she flirts…
    april for her subtle intelectual personality and her sweet smile… don’t quite emily either… haha :)

    oh well… i guess in some point of life, we would often just go through our experience again and would do some soul-searching and gain some realisation… =>

  2. Ju Ann
    April 21, 2008 / 10:06 am

    yea i did like summer too!

    did your gf like it as well? I dunno maybe it’s a guy thing? Hahaha!

    But each to his own~ =)

    thanks for dropping by!