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MooGoo Bath Care Review

Since we started using the MooGoo skin care products (and fell in love with the Soothing MSM Cream), we’ve kinda expanded the range we’re using to the bath products too :)

Here’s sharing my views on the bath care products we’ve been using lately.

Starting from my NEW FAVOURITE – the Natural Mini Moo Bubbly Wash (here)! My little playful baby loves bath time with bubbles!

Moogoo Singapre photo ddd_zps33871be1.jpg

The best bubbles are made by Sodium Laureth Sulphate, and this is also a cheap way to make a wash. However, SLS can be very drying and is also a more irritating detergent than more modern natural cleansers.

They have taken a different approach and combined small amounts of six different natural cleaners as this can be milder on the skin than one concentrated cleanser.

After all the fun I had “fluffing” the bubbles up, I was quite worried he’ll eat them. Daniel being Daniel, OF COURSE HE ATE THEM! He happily put his head amidst the bubbles and attempted to bite the bubbles. Oh gosh.

The bubbles didn’t last as long as other bubble baths but we could easily build the bubbles by “fluffing” again.

Daniel had so much fun playing in his bath and his body came out all smelling super after the bath. My hands felt a little tight after the wash though (might be drying to my hands). But it doesn’t stay tight for long cos I will use a body cream for Daniel right after every bath so no biggie.

Ju Ann Daniel photo IMG_7907_zpsbe6adba4.jpg

(Someone, not me, has a big tummy here)

Even Peter commented that Daniel smells kind of like some sort of “elegant milk” after his bath. <3

Moogoo Singapre photo www_zps7171b3ce.jpg

The other wash product we have is the MooGoo Milk Wash (here). I alternate the Milk Wash and the Bubbly Wash everyday. In terms of moisturising properties, the milk wash definitely makes my skin a lot softer and well moisturised. But in terms of fun factor and ease of use, we definitely love the Bubbly Wash more.

Moogoo Singapore photo 2222_zps086f05f0.jpg

Since birth, we’ve been using 2 in 1 body & shampoo washes on Daniel. It is A WHOLE LOT OF CONVENIENCE seriously. Using MooGoo Milk Shampoo (here) and Cream Conditioner (here) on Daniel is like a luxury for him. Haha!! The shampoo & conditioner contains only natural ingredients to moisturise the hair, and not silicones to coat the hair with something slippery. Natural ingredients FTW! :)

Overall, MooGoo is a great brand for people who are susceptible to skin problems like Eczema, Psoriasis, Nappy Rash, Cradle Cap, Milia, Fungal/Yeast Based Condition, Acne, Dry Skin, Dandruff, Rashes and other skin problems. Thank goodness that of all of the above, Daniel currently only needs me to treat him for Rashes and Dry Skin!

Besides these 3 products, there are many other products from MooGoo which are available. Check them all out here: MooGoo Singapore Facebook Page | Website

MooGoo can be purchased online at www.poshbaby.sg and selected outlets of Isetan, Spring Maternity, and Kiddy Palace.


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