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This Local Online Lifestyle Store Is A DREAM For Minimalists!

Have you guys heard of IUIGA? I can’t believe I didn’t know of them until just before CNY when I started spring cleaning. I love their range of wardrobe organisers for it’s minimalist design and really good quality products. Plus, if you read all the way till the end, you’ll find a $10 VOUCHER from IUIGA waiting for you!

But before I show you how I’ve re-organised my wardrobe with IUIGA Wardrobe Organisers, you have to know a little about IUIGA first!


IUIGA(Photo credits to IUIGA)

These guys have made quite a name for themselves. IUIGA is a local Singaporean brand well known to sell simple, well-designed, functional goods at very affordable prices. As they say it, “(our customers) deserve to know the real price of quality (minus all the markups)”.

All of IUIGA products are manufactured by the same factories that produce for established brands like Muji, Samsonite and WMF. You can be assured that you are paying for the quality and not the brand.

My IUIGA loots

Ok it’s time to see what I got to revamp my super messy and overcrowded wardrobe.

1. Storage Box – $8.40

I love how useful this box is. I put a lot of the smaller pieces of clothes that I don’t wear often into this box and it is neatly out of sight. This is made from the same manufacturer as MUJI!

IUIGA(Photo credits to IUIGA)


2. Underwear Organiser – $8.90

This was so useful in more ways than I imagined. I figured it’s all about stuffing my underwear into those cubby holes but boy did I underestimate it’s potential.

With the 12 holes, I organised my daily favourites and my sleeping favourites. This made it super easy to see at one glance all that I adore wearing. The transparent cover is very convenient in allowing me to see through it without opening it up, and also for me to cover it and then stack another one on top should I want to.

I got 2 of this and my husband happily filled his up with his socks. I love how we are now able to locate small items easily.

IUIGA(Photo credits to IUIGA)



3. Innerwear Organiser – $8.90

This totally brings out the neat freak in me. I have all these garments neatly organised and now I feel like having everything done this way too!



4. Set of 5 Clothes Hanger – $7.90

These are sturdy, water-resistant hangers which really feel like luxury hangers beside the cheap ones I use at home. It’s designed with non-slip strips on the contoured shoulders of the hangers to prevent clothes from slipping off.

Check out how well it holds up the straps of my spaghetti strap top. It’s really sturdy and feels well made.

IUIGA (Photo credits to IUIGA)



5. Premium Silky Mesh Laundry Bag – $2.98 to $4.38

I can’t believe how good the quality is for something that’s priced like Daiso! I use a lot of these mesh laundry bags to prolong to life of my delicate clothes – 3-4 pieces of underwear fits in one bag. I’d usually just place it together with the rest of my laundry in the washing machine. Super good buy!

IUIGA (Photo credits to IUIGA)

I’m super happy with what I got from IUIGA. When you’re at their website, you should check out their luggage (same manufacturer as Samsonite) and their cookware (same manufacturer as WMF). I’ve read so many online reviews about how good the quality of their products are. For more details on other big brand manufacturers that they order from as well, click here!

Tempted to check IUIGA out already? Here’s a $10 VOUCHER that you’ll get once you sign up a new account with them! No need for any promo code, just make sure you click on this referral link. :)


Check out super aesthetic everyday home & living essentials starting from $1.80 from IUIGA here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Items reviewed here are sponsored by IUIGA. Reviews here are of my own.

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