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Mini Diet Vacations

aka… taking breaks from your weight loss regime / diet.

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Sticking to a weight loss plan can be a long and difficult process. I know because I’m just not the type to find myself losing heaps of weight easily.

I am at a weight maintenance stage now. I just came off a GLOW diet program and lost 2kg in 3 months. It’s not ideal yet but I’m taking a little time to adapt to a new mindset when it comes to dieting.

Sometimes the scope of change from my current to my ideal diet is so huge to my friends and those around me that they gasp and ask me if this is going to be for a lifetime.

Weight loss will not be forever (hopefully) but weight maintenance will be.  At least for me.

And it’s not easy.

There are many times when I’m offered that delicious looking cupcake, that harmless (and certainly very delicious) looking piece of chocolate, and I felt weak. I too want that cup of Mocha Frappe, and some of those fries, and maybe a scope of that ice cream as well.

I realised that when I stop myself from allowing a little of this and a little of that completely, I felt a little deprived. Being deprived inevitably makes me go a little overboard at situations where I have to entertain and eat out of my “allowed” plan.

See I have this reckless side of me – those around me will know. It’s so easy for me to fall back on my previous habit of taking only healthy stuff like salads with no sauce and granolas or “let’s go Melt My World buffet” (an awesome international buffet). That’s binge’ing. That’s overeating.

Thus I introduced Mini Diet Vacations into my daily life. But even this hasn’t been exactly easy when I spend a lot of time around people who don’t understand my diet goals.

See, I want to throw binge’ing out the window. I want to ensure I never overeat. And taking a break from my never-ending healthy lifestyle diet plan will let me take a break and go further, for longer.

There are many significant advantages to having Mini Diet Vacations. For one, psychologically, your mind learns to think that it’s not that hard to stick to the plan. Not that hard to resist that temptation because it’s not like it’s going to be this way all the time. I’ve learnt that being flexible is the key. Remaining cautious and ensuring that I don’t overeat is so important during these Mini Diet Vacations.

And that’s how I recharge and go further. How do you do it?

There are people who get off the bandwagon and find it hard to climb back on. These breaks aren’t for everyone, just hang in there, and be flexible when you need to be. :)


Signing off with an indulgent scoop of fruit & yoghurt ice cream beside me.

P.s.: I’ll also like to thank my bf, for being so supportive. My resolution to healthier eating could not have been possible if he hadn’t believed in this and supported me in his own way. Yes he still eats his unhealthy snacks and cannot give up his ice cream, but he never tempts or tease me with them.


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