There are more smarts to your child than you know.

My husband and I strongly believe that kids have their own unique interests, strengths and weaknesses. Just like other parents, we are always interested in finding out more about our child.

For us so far, it’s been a guessing game. We noticed Daniel is displaying a little more interest in colouring and that made us think that maybe he’s going to be an artist! Haha!

MIDAS™ – a tool that gives you an insight into your child

UOB Kidsmart

Recently I’ve been drawn to the UOB KidSmart Programme on their website where they have this tool where you answer a series of questions and it’ll give you a good insight into what smarts your child have.

UOB Kidsmart

The UOB KidSmart Programme is 2-step approach to help parents make better decisions in discovering your child’s smarts and help you plan to realise their true potential with their holistic suite of financial products.

UOB Kidsmart

There are 8 different intelligences or smarts, namely: Body Smart (Kinesthetic), Logic Smart (Logical-Mathematical), Music Smart (Musical), Nature Smart (Naturalist), People Smart (Interpersonal), Picture Smart (Spatial), Self Smart (Intrapersonal) and Word Smart (Linguistic). Do the test to find out what’s your child’s smarts! 🙂

Both children and parents are able to gain a deeper understanding of a child’s skills, abilities and preferred learning style by using the MIDAS™ tool on UOB’s site. From this understanding, plans can then be made to maximise study strategies, maximise learning through suitable enrichment programmes and provide evidence-based career guidance.

It has about 20 questions, which you can answer for your child or have them answer it. These results will help you determine what are your child skills, abilities and preferred learning styles are and what you can do to nurture it.

You can also take the free MIDAS™ assessment here!

Our MIDAS™ test results for Daniel

Here’s the sharing of my child’s Top 3 Smarts.

UOB Kidsmart

It’s very accurate, I think! Equipped with this information, I can now maximise his early childhood years and pick the right activities and enrichment classes for him.

After you finished the tool, UOB will offer you a suite of holistic financial solutions and discounts on relevant child enrichment classes to get you started. I love how relevant this is to me. It allows me to sort the enrichment programmes according to my child’s smarts! Book an appointment with UOB to receive a MIDAS™ guide that gives you a detailed explanation of your child’s smarts!

Psst, their exclusive discounts include the ones we love going to, like Brainfit Studios, MyGym, eXplorerkid, and so on. Do check them out!

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