Men ala Sushi Sets?

Today a friend of mine had tiff with her bf. No good, not good enough, useless – same shit.

Why can’t he be this way? Why can’t he say sorry? I hate it when he …. and so on. But really,if he is like this, and can say sorry, and doesn’t do what she hates, then isn’t he perfect? But there is NO perfect men. Nope, sire there isn’t.

I’ve learnt that it’s about learning his quirks, positives and negatives and evaluating for yourself if yiou can accept him for who he is.

It’s like that for both males and females. Girl A, B and C, all three can be quite different… from their thinking/dressing/mindset/goals/character/family background/behaviour/even the jokes are different. Good or bad, we all have it. It’s just whether the guy can accept Set A, B or C better!

Like… erm… SUSHI sets!


Ever been to the supermarket for some quickie sushi? It’s cheaper to buy the whole set of assorted sushi ain’t it? Especially when you’re real hungry. But there may some weird stuff that you don’t eat (example: like I TOTALLY CANNOT eat HUMPS) but the most of the others you are okay with (example: you aren’t not particularly in love with tuna but in the set there is one, but you’re still ok with eating it.). So are you willing to accept this set?

There will be some sacrifices to make… like erm, either throwing away (and wasting $ and food) the damn hump of a sushi or you just eat it and hope you don’t taste it. Sacrifices or you could call it a method of dealing with the negatives.

If you are not willing to accept the set, then you continue exploring for other “sets”. But then you have to waste time browsing (courtship and shit), and you might be sick from tasting the other food (like getting hurt).

There is NO perfect guy. It’s NOT possible! You don’t like his look – too skinny and he may seem quietly sweet now, but when you guys argue, you might not like the way he reacts in an arguement. He might not pacify you and even if he does, any MAN or woman, given time, will be tired of the “courting” phase and then will start to take each other for granted. And I am sure, good as a guy may be, he has other bad traits that you surely will have difficulty trying to accept.
Your current BF/GF is akin to a well defined sushi set (Set A). You can see what is the whole set made of for $9.99 (aka a happily ever after).

But Set B is like half covered sushi set. I know what you like most, so I show you the sushi that you like first and cover those that will disgust you. Those who have seen many sushi sets before should know the kind of shit that comes with the good thing. So is Set A good enough for $9.99? If not, then you look for other sets that might be more worth “$$”.

THERE IS NO PERFECT SET (and I am hardly jaded). God is like a sushi maker. And a sushi maker’s ultimate goal is to make profits (DAMN I AM GOOD AT THIS).

There are some sushi that are less popular. But it’s still on the manu because it could be profitable/creates a niche for his business/make his menu look like it has a wide variety/some of the ingredients is leftover from other sushi.

However because it isn’t popular, there will be many left over. No… why would he do it knowing that he would end up with excess? Because he needs to buy the raw ingredients in bulk to enjoy better discounts.

So the sushi maker might end up with quite a lot of ingredients to make lots of sushi that’s less than ideally popular. SO HOW?

Gather some popular sushi (traits in a person…erm like being super sensitive) and put it together with the less popular ones (like BEING EGOISTIC) and make it into a set and sell at a discount.

Attractive isn’t it?

My analogy. You could disagree. Food for thought (pun intended, lol)!

Disclaimer: In this sushi set world, the sushi maker don’t allow people to choose their own sushi. He only sell sets. Don’t ask why. It’s just like that.

P.s.: Ok fine. I admit I had difficulty choosing a sushi set for dinner yesterday. -_-” but the example is relevant ain’t it?!

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