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Me Doodle iPhone Game

Introducing…. We Doodle!
We Doodle is a online multiplayer word guessing game. Much like Pictionary. Back when I was young, I had to find friends game enough to play Pictionary with me but now, hey hey, I just need my iPhone, log on, and play randomly with others!
And just like our real-life Pictionary game, the guessing is often hilarious and the drawing is often worth more than a chuckle.

The game play is fun but there’s much to be improved in terms of usability. As a first time user, there were a lot of things that were not intuitive. But if you’re patient, you’ll get to the drawing and guessing (read: fun) part eventually!
Playing this game on a iPhone 4, there are quite a few bugs (e.g.: I got the ans correct but they said it’s wrong) and it crashes quite often.
Anyway, here’s something fun. Check these out. Try to guess them!
#Drawing 1
#Drawing 2

#Drawing 3

#Drawing 4

This game is fun and all but play long enough and the words are repeated. So perhaps the interest span for a user wouldn’t be more than 1 hour of gameplay. Let’s see if ngmoco:) will add more words to this.
The art shop is where you get to upgrade your pen/pencils and buy colour. The colour ones are way too expensive (i.e.: you have to earn a lot of coins through gameplay to buy a colour). And the art shop is a bit again, confusing so, there’s much to be improved on this game.
We Doodle is compatible with all iOS 3.0 and above devices. Free in Apple App Store.

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