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Maternity Bras from Spring Maternity

It has come to a point where my previous bras doesn’t fit anymore. And I was too silly to buy bras with wires in them before as my maternity bras. If you didn’t already know, nursing and maturity bras must all have NO wires as it will restrict the flow of breastmilk.

And besides, maybe the sizes are too small for me or something, but the wires leave red marks on my body :(

I went to Spring Maternity and checked out the bras they have and walked out a happy girl with 2 well fitted bras!

#1: The Strapless Must-Have!

Spring Maternity Bras photo brasfromspringmaternity001_zps481bb8bc.png

This is SUPERB ♥ for you if you love wearing sleeveless clothes. Totally a must have. I also wore this for my recent maternity shoot and it made “everything” look better.

This is the one I got: MAE STRAPLESS BRA in BLACK

#2: Easy Nursing Must-Have!

Spring Maternity Bras photo brasfromspringmaternity002_zpse0e91de8.png

This comfortable piece features drop cups (great for breastfeeding) and removable straps which makes this super because it can be worn in two different styles (normal + X backing). ♥♥



Do check out Spring Maternity for your clothing needs! :) You’ll find everything you need there as a pregnant mother! :)
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