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Literally THE Quintessential Facial

I’ve blogged about the Quintessential Facial before but it’s been awhile so I decided to bring my camera (and an inquisitive mind) along with me to my next facial appointment at Porcelain Face Spa to bring you this article.

I’ve been going to Porcelain Face Spa for like 3 years already (although not as often as I should) and their treatments have significantly contributed to the complexion I have today. While it isn’t perfect (“my complexion is perfect”, said no girl ever!), I am happy to be having better than ever skin!

If you don’t know what the Quintessential Facial is all about then read this – It is THE ultimate extraction facial in Singapore. The well-trained therapists uses sterilised tools to extract all your skin’s impurities. This treatments is 2 hours long – yes they take their extraction process very seriously.

This is Porcelain Face Spa’s Signature Facial and they have won quite a few awards for it.

Well I’m back for the Quintessential Facial to really clear up all my pores so I thought I’ll see if I could take some photos and share my treatment with you. The therapist kindly obliged with the photos and the million questions I have for her.

Treatment Process

After double cleansing my face, my therapist starts the extraction by using a fine needle and the usual extraction tool to remove all the little white bumps I have all over my face (especially my chin and temples). She commented that I have deceiving skin – skin that looks good but when you shine a light and go real up close, you see the secrets I hide. My skin has an oily base and a dry surface, resulting in the bumps.

My therapist was precise, patient and thorough. She spent time going over my face ensuring that my pores were clean. Was it painful? No not really, not to me at least.

I was lamenting about the little bumps on my chin and temples and she was super enthusiastic about removing them all at this very same visit. Kudos to her enthusiasm! On my way out later on, I notice that they sterilise all the tools they use for extractions. *Thumbs up!*

My face had red spots all over after she was done, so she put on some calming aloe vera gel to help improve overall moisture balance, repair wounds and increase my skin’s natural resilience. I don’t really worry about the red spots. I’ve done the Quintessential Facial many times before and they have never left a scar.

She also used what they call a Cryoprobe which cools your skin to -10 degrees celsius, thereby enhancing the penetration and absorption of the aloe vera gel. She glided the probe over my face in gentle, circular motions. It was very relaxing.

As a last step, she did a custom blended mask for me. For my skin condition, she blended a lavender mask for me to help balance my combination skin. I didn’t know what the mask looked like until I saw the photos I took. How interesting eh! Those little spots are lavender petals. The mask was ice cold and it made me feel really relaxed.

Quintessential Facial

Quintessential Facial

Quintessential Facial

Do note that each procedure may differ depending on individual due to the skin condition you have!

The Verdict

I have read all sorts of reviews for the Quintessential Facial on blogs and on forums but I think everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I have never been anything less than satisfied with my facials at Porcelain. There is just something about the way they hire and train their therapists. Every therapist (I hardly stick to one) that I have had an appointment with in the last 3 years has always been very knowledgeable about the product/technology they are applying on my face. They are also all very sensitive to take cues to see if I prefer to just relax or to chit chat during the facial.

In any case, my skin is so much clearer now after having all the gunk in my pores all cleared up. Totally needed this after a 9 month long break from facials. If you find your skin congested, you definitely need to check this Quintessential Facial out!

And don’t say good things don’t share. Every year during GSS, they always have their most attractive and value for money promotions. Check out their Facebook Page for details k!

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