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Let's go on a journey of life!

“Voyage de la Vie” is a circus theater spectacular. A moving story of a boy’s rite of passage to becoming an adult, a story told through song and dance.

Check out the “trailer” here:

Wouldn’t you love to watch a show like that? I know I would. Besides the magnificent sets, the colorful and elaborate costumes and amazing circus feats, this is the first ever circus theatre to ever be created in Singapore. Jonathan Leong who was in Singapore Idol before is cast as the show’s lead. I wonder how has his singing improved since the Idol days… he is definitely living his dream now! :D

Check out the raving reviews from people who have watched the show! Gets me all excited!!

I’m a huge fan of live shows. Especially those with singing, with stunts, with a story of romance, conflict and danger. Gets all my happy hormones churning. :P Live is definitely better than any 3D show any time!

Will it be mesmerizing? Will it be stunning? I can’t wait to find out for myself @ Resorts World Sentosa. :)

P.s.: Viktor Kee acts as Lantern Keeper in the show. I love his juggling acts! Completely awed by his act in Dralion.


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  1. Rolling Fumbling Thug
    June 29, 2010 / 3:31 am

    Is this show in Singapore? Would love to watch it if I got the chance. Thanks for the info.