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Langkawi – Jewel of Kedah, Malaysia

Photo credited to Phil


The well-known beach destination in Malaysia that has beautiful beaches, mangroves rich in flora and fauna and duty-free shopping! So who’s up for some island chillaxing?!

Check out Tourism Malaysia’s website on a writeup on Kedah.


1) Mad stressed at work :(


It’s time…… to do nothing and think nothing. I just want to feel, to enjoy, and to experience. Man, I’m still young and there’s always no better time than NOW for a holiday! There are places for sightseeing, for experiencing new cultures and trying new stuff but there’s no better place than a beach holiday for that ULTIMATE relaxing holiday.

What I need, is a retreat to chill out and recuperate.

2) Love the sun, sea and sand


I know I am weird. I want to be fair but yet, there’s something about beaches and oceans that draws me.

The romance of pristine, clean, never ending, winding beaches littered with the occasional fallen tree branch, washed up sea shell or dead sea creature, the liveliness of the little creatures that roam in the sand just keeps me coming back again and again for a beach holiday again.

And the ocean… the vast, blue unknown is always very breathtaking. The unknown always is. Which is why diving is a great dream of mine and I recently took the plunge and got myself an Open Water Diver PADI license. The underwater world is a breathtaking one. Just imagine the world we live in, all filled with water, and with shadows. Having to look up, down, left and right for other people/obstacles/buildings. I wonder why lies underneath in the oceans. What giant creature lurks the unknown. I hunger for more.

And to enjoy a great beach holiday with all the activities, I need a good, bright sunny day. Ah well~ I’ve kissed fair skin goodbye.

2) Been to Phuket, Bali, Sipadan Island, Mabul Island, etc etc and NEVER BEEN to Langkawi!?!


Every time me and the buddies talk about a holiday, we have this funny requirement in place and this requirement is very Singaporeanly called: “Must take plane go then only counted as HOLIDAY”. And for the malaysians away from home: “And must have a CHOP on my passport before counted as a HOLIDAY!!”

But with that, we’ve missed out on so much eh. Recently I went to my first beach holiday in Malaysia and came back feeling so proud of all the beauty that Malaysia has to offer.

3) Proud Malaysian – that I am!


In fact, I have this plan to reDiscover Malaysia. From the must-sees, must-dos, must-eats to the little less known places but as equally intriguing and truly asian. Afterall, to know Malaysia is to love Malaysia. And Malaysia may not be perfect, but as a proud Malaysian, I love Malaysia for everything that she is and isn’t. :D

4) Always GAME


…for adventure! I’m a newly PADI certified diver (can dive up to 18m yo!), love swimming, kayaking, mountain/jungke trekking, cycling, camping, and all kinds of adventure sports. I’m always about challenging myself both mentally and physically. I have not done bungee jumping or skydiving but I’m always on the lookout for the right opportunity to do so.

P.s.: I’m not afraid to get dirty. And besides, I’m funny. :)


I get to win a 4D3N getaway to Langkawi and experience nature at its finest, courtesy of SAFRA in conjunction with Tourism Malaysia and Langkawi Development Authority! http://bit.ly/qPEQAP

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  1. Thristhan
    July 15, 2011 / 5:32 am

    Langkawi is beautiful, been there a couple of times, but always looking forward to go there again every year. It’s the only place where you can buy one whole crate of beer at a price of a jug :)

    • Ju Ann
      July 15, 2011 / 5:47 am

      Really! The beer part sounds awesome!! :)

  2. Sarah
    August 21, 2011 / 7:40 pm

    Hello pal, just came across this brilliant post. It is always nice to read something that enthusiasts have put effort into. Keep up the terrific content!