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Ju Ann – Resident Blogger at MFP

Hey there! Maybe it’s your first time here, maybe it’s not.

Don’t close me off just wait, give me a minute. I’m going tell you why you should keep coming back! :)

First off, this is me:


Yes I am a little mad about hamsters. And… ok fine, I’m crazy about animals. :D More about me here.

So the thing is, I’m one of the Resident Bloggers at MyFatPocket Portal. See below:


Yeh, the circled one, that’s me and I’d like to give you some reasons why you should follow this blog. :D

1) I love sharing information

In my pursuit of my love for all things in life, I share it with my readers here and always try to be as informative as possible. I go out and try new stuff so that my readers will learn what’s good and what’s not!

Besides, you can ask me anything, I’l be sure to reply :)

2) I’m funny really!

My non-review (cos my review entries are more informative-focused) will add a little dash of humour/fun to your daily life. Not that yours isn’t already but who can complain receiving more?

3) Maybe my life might be a “interesting” distraction for you?

Because a little dose of my life could let you escape yours for a wee bit… think about it, could be fun eh! :)

And here’s how you can get more of me… regularly!


Via Email: Every time there is a
new post, you’ll be notified!
No new post? No email! :D


Via Twitter: I use Twitter like a microblog,
160 characters at a time.
Honestly, here’s where I am most honest.


Via RSS: You know how RSS
works if not you wouldn’t be
considering this option yeh? :)


Via Facebook: Maybe we could
link up on Facebook as well!


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