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Janod Toys – Fabulous Gift Ideas For Children Birthdays!

Have you heard of Janod Toys? They’ve been around for over 40 years but I only heard of this brand recently when I saw it sold at mymiraclebaby. The quality is very very good. Here are 3 Janod Toys that my son is playing with now. 

Janod Toys

They have quite an interesting range of children wooden education toys, designed with bright bold colours and your child’s learning in mind.

If you ask me, I think they make fabulous gifts for birthdays!

I currently have 3 of Janod’s toys at home for Daniel and thought I’ll share how he likes them.

#1: Janod – 40 Letters & Number Blocks

Janod Toys

He was introduced to this at 23 months. Through this toy, I loved how he learnt how to carefully stack blocks on top of one another. We watched him progress from stacking to finding creative ways of knocking them over. The size of each cube was perfect for his little hands too!

The husband had a great time teaching Daniel to build whatever they felt like building.

He didn’t pay much attention to the alphabets until a couple of months later when he started playgroup and learnt his ABCs – I guess your child has to be ready for his ABCs first!

This is our current favourite toy! :)

#2: Janod – Funny Magnet Farm

Janod Toys

These were cute but at first he didn’t pay much attention to them. I am guessing he was too excited about the Numbers & Blocks set – he’s a boy after all.

We re-introduced these magnets to him a couple of months later and we had fun teaching him how to match the magnets up. I reckon this would be more appropriate for a girl than an active boy like Daniel though. Once he gets them right, he moves on quickly to other toys.

#3 – Janod ABC Monsters Giant Floor Puzzle

Janod Toys

I got this way too early I figure. It is meant for children aged 4-7! I love the container it came in. Daniel is only 26 months old now, so I guess I will have to store this for a couple more years!! :) Can’t wait to have him play it though!!

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