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Interesting MFP reads this month! :)

#1: How to Make Korean Style Ramyun Noodles Soup in Super Simple step-by-step Guide

Just like how they do it in foodcourts!!!

#2: 15 Sweet Treats you can only Find at Japan’s Haneda Airport

You will be surprised that it’s really not the usual fare that you are expecting!

#3: Tokyo’s Legendary Black Hot Dog

Omg……… That sausage is really black!!

#4: Are Pets Replacing Children in South Korea?

This is like a growing trend in crowded cities like Singapore & Hong Kong too!

#5: Photographs Featuring Pet Owners Who Have Grown Up With Their Pets

This is very heartwarming isn’t it? :)

#6: Death of Beloved Pet? Say Goodbye in Cats Classified

Seems like a good outlet for pet owners to grieve don’t you think? :)

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