Influencer Collaboration

I’m a content creator at heart. I love collaborating with brands to help realise your brand’s potential on social. I may not be the most popular influencer in Singapore but I like to think I put in a lot of thought and effort into the content I create.

If you’re here and you’re looking for an influencer to collaborate with, please drop me an email at

I am also available for the following freelance work:

  • Community Management
  • Social Media Content Creation & Management
  • Social Media Analytics

My CV is available upon request.

Blogging Accolades

1) Finalist for Best Lifestyle Blog in Singapore 2014 in the Singapore Blog Awards.

Singapore Blog Awards Best Lifestyle Blog photo SBA_badge_5_zpsf55ac25b.jpg

3) Finalist for Best Beauty Blog in Singapore for 3 consecutive years in the Singapore Blog Awards.

Best Beauty Blog 2013
Best Beauty Blog 2012
Best Beauty Blog 2011
Best Beauty Blog 2013 Best Beauty Blog 2012 Best Beauty Blog 2011

3) Finalist for Best Cooking Blog in Singapore in the Singapore Blog Awards 2013.

Best Cooking Blog 2013
Best Beauty Blog 2013

4) Finalist for Best Shopping Blog in Singapore in the Singapore Blog Awards 2013.

Best Shopping Blog 2013
Best Beauty Blog 2013