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When I was still pregnant with Baby Daniel, I knew I needed a baby carrier. I asked my friend for suggestions and she told me to get a sling. I got the Babysafe Sling and to be honest, it wasn’t easy to learn how to use it but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it.

My friend is a big fan of slings especially for her child when her child was younger. She insisted I try one.

I have now mastered the use of the Babysafe Sling and I am telling you, I love it so much that sometimes, I even go out without the pram and just sling my boy out.

Here’s top 5 reasons why I LOVE my Babysafe Baby Sling:

❤ Going Handsfree Comfortably

babysafe sling

Like all slings and carriers, my Babysafe Sling gives me the flexibility to use my hands for things other than carrying my baby. But the GREAT thing about the Babysafe Sling is that my 6kg baby feels like a leaf on my shoulders! It is THAT comfortable! I don’t know how they design the shoulder padding but it’s super comfortable la!

So comfortable that even my helper uses it frequently at home!

❤ Baby Daniel Sleeps Well & Quickly In It!

babysafe sling

I sling and walk, and poof he sleeps within 10mins. Magic. ‘Nuff said!

❤ Bonding with Baby Daniel

Slinging him so close to my body makes me feel super close with my baby! I can walk and stroke his butt/back… I can sneak in sniffs of his hair… Awww… writing this makes me want to sling him right up again haha!!

❤ One Size Fits All & Very Versatile

I love how slings are a one size fits all (I believe most baby slings are). My friend came over during my one month baby shower and she wanted to try it on her 1 yr old baby and her baby fit in there nicely too!

The Babysafe Sling grows with your baby. See all the 6 different ways you can use the Babysafe Sling:

babysafe sling

Can’t wait for Daniel to grow up bigger and we try the back sling!

❤ Breathable Fabric

When I was considering a sling back when I was pregnant, my mother-in-law told me to avoid slings if possible because those are be very hot for Daniel and I. Singapore is SUPER HOT and carrying a baby SO close to you + having this cloth wrapped around you can make both the carrier and baby sweat.

I like that the material used to make the Babysafe Sling is highly breathable & soft. It also takes real quick to dry after washing. :) Being able to easily wash this is super important. Babies can really create a mess.

Update April 2016: I just gave birth to my second child and I’m still loving my Babaysafe Sling!


The Babysafe Sling comes in heaps of PRETTY colours to match your everyday look. I have the brown & dark blue. :)

babysafe sling

Once your baby grows out of a sling, you might upgrade to a baby carrier. Check out the Pognae Baby Carrier we got after deciding between 3 brands.


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The Babysafe Sling can be purchased at all Spring Maternity outlets. Check out the range here.

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