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If you love gossip, you'll love…

… myfatpocket’s GOSSIP section! Gossips is a daily updated column where the latest gossips on celebrities from Singapore, Japan, Korea and Hollywood are covered. They also highlight the weird stuff happening around the world.

Here are some latest reads:

Man Travels the World to Meet People Born on the Same Day as Him (whatt……???)

Japanese Suspected of Slashing Up Tires in Effort to Meet Women

Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell Convicted of Murder in Deaths of 3 infants
(This made my tummy churn. I hope SG doesn’t have anybody like him!)

Psy Nabs Another World Record, Enters Encyclopedia Britannica

A Blog That Shows The ‘Worst Rooms’ For Rent In New York (Omg! This is in New York?!)


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