I want a canine friend. :(

The adoring looks of Mimi

In the last one month, I’ve been thinking hard and I’ve been thinking long. Even as I smsed my friend, Gwen, about adopting the lost dog she found, I wonder if I am doing the right thing. For everyone concerned.

In the week following my sms to Gwen, I thought through my decision to bring home a dog. It was a huge responsibility for me. Especially since I have a full time job. Yet I knew what I was in for. I grew up with dogs and loved each intensely.

I had Whisky, a mixed breed, and now Mimi girl, a minature pinscher who lives in JB with my brother and father. I miss her very much. I remember her looks of mischief and her looks of innocence. The troubles she created and the love and loyalty she gave us all.

Such a darling girl…

L to R: Me, Mimi and My Grandmother

Just as I knew someday I’ll settle down and have a family, I knew with equal certainty that, that picture wouldn’t be complete without a dog sprawled at my feet or there to greet me when I’m home from work.

Before when I started working and living in Singapore alone, I always longed someday – once I had a house to call my own and some stability in my life – to own a dog again.

Now I have both. I now own a place that I don’t intend to leave anytime soon. And this place is my very own to call home.

I like to think of it as a perfect little sanctuary in a perfect location near to everything I need, my work and play. I spent months scouring for things and information that will help me make the home perfect. From carpets, to plants, to hooks…. to remote control holders… I enjoyed myself tremendously.

So it was only natural that once I got the joint right, it made sense that I bring home a little, four-legged roommate to tear it all apart again.

There are fears that I banked and awoke and banked again. Will I have time for him/her? Will I be tired of him/her? Will he/she be really naughty and tear up the house? Will I be able to toilet train him/her? Will it be alright to leave him/her alone? Will I be able to do it all by myself?

Obviously I never lost sight of these questions.

As I question myself over and over again, one thing remains clear. And that is, I need a canine friend. So should I take a little one’s fate in my hands? :/

Let’s see how it plays out…


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