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I Love Dr Hui Yun from The DRx Clinic

Yes I really do. I’ve been going to see Dr Hui Yun at DRx Clinic for almost a year now. Never in my entire life have I so religiously stuck to one doctor and to one brand of skincare – DermaRx. And that’s saying a lot.

I used to always change skin care products because my skin has this ability to react well for certain products and then seemingly get used to it after a couple of months and then it doesn’t show results anymore. For the past year now, my entire skincare routine from cleanser to sunblock are all from Derma-Rx, this is to ensure maximum efficacy by using products from the same brand. And it has definitely paid off well.

I’ve hardly had to use pimple cream at all for the past year. I hardly have severely clogged pores and breakouts anymore. My skin has been amazingly stable, looking clear all the time.

I visit Dr Hui Yun once every 3 months or so when I run out of my DermaRx range of products. In fact, I have 2 friends who recently started visiting Dr Hui Yun too and have been raving about her. Dr Hui Yun has obviously done a great job with them! Another one is my colleague who had a lot of breakouts on her forehead and after a visit to Dr Hui Yun, her skin started clearing up after a week! :) So happy to see my friends benefiting from the stuff I recommend them to!

I have gone through countless sets of DermaRx products (ok fine, maybe I can try and recall how many sets). There were times when I ran out of the products and had to use other products and my skin just didn’t feel the same. My skin is clogged up with tiny black heads and white heads and due to clogged pores, I get breakouts.

Really appreciate the way my skin is now. :)

DRx Clinic

Thank you Dr Hui Yun and The DRx Clinic!!

I have had readers messaging me on Facebook or emailing me, asking me how much it costs and all but it all really depends on what your skin needs. This is how it goes. On the first consultation, your doctor will recommend the range of products suitable for your face/skin condition. About 2-3 months later, you will be due for a follow up review with your doctor on the progression of your skin’s condition.

Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask

Oh yes and I’m also recently using DRx Clinic’s latest product– it’s their facial mask! It’s not just another paper mask – it is the Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask from the DermaRx treatment skincare line. It is such a gem to have when I’ve finally had the time to sleep in on a nice Saturday and relax with this mask on.

This natural bio-cellulose mask is super stretchy and molds well to my skin (quite like a second skin!). This enhances absorption of all the great ingredients in the mask. The ingredients are made up of a unique blend to help you:

♥ Ease signs of ageing (Biomimetic Peptides)
♥ Hydrate (Sodium Hyaluronate)
♥ Brighten Complexion (Vitamin C)
♥ Soothe the skin (Phytoactives)
♥ Delivers Oxygen to the deep dermal layers (Cerasomes)

DermaRX mask

♥ Look Ma, it’s a gel-mask, not paper!

The mask delivers ingredients in a time-release manner so that the mask doesn’t dry out as quickly due to the bio-cellulose membrane. This helps the skin absorb the serum better.

After 30 mins (I wish I had time to have it on longer), my skin was miraculously brighter and fresher – as if I went for a facial. Gosh I need to have more of these regularly!


DermaRX Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask, $20 per piece, is available from The DRx Clinic. For more information, visit DermaRx e-Shop and www.drx-group.com.


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