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This Is How My CoolSculpting Treatment Went.

CoolSculpting in Singapore is a procedure where you kill your fat cells by freezing it to sub zero temperatures. It is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. Sound too good to be true?

Well my previous CoolSculpting treatment done at Halley Medical Aesthetics was incredibly effective (check out the before & after photos after I used it on my chin in 2017), so I decided to get CoolSculpting done on other stubborn fat-ridden areas like my love handles and outer thighs.

Which Parts To Freeze? I Want To Freeze Them All!

Just like you, or any girl, I do think I need fat-reduction on every part of my body but if we come back to reality, budget is unfortunately limited so I really need to prioritise.

Dr Terence Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics is where I went to the last time to do CoolSculpting on my chin and since I am really happy with the results, I decided to make another visit to him.

During the consultation, I changed into paper underwear (so glam :/) and showed Dr Terence Tan where my concerns were and where my fat bulges peak.

coolsculpting in singapore

He took a look at all my problem areas, especially my lower body, and we decided on my love handles and outer thighs because these areas would give the most effective results (for me).

I realised that after my weight loss program where I lost 9kg, the only parts that stuck out oddly were my love handles and outer thighs. It wasn’t easy to lose weight there and whenever I gained weight, those were the areas that gained inches first, thereby indicating that those were the areas with the most fat cells.

CoolSculpting in Singapore

CoolSculpting Treatment

There are several reasons why I chose to go to Halley Medical Aesthetics, and the 1st and most important reason is the doctor. Dr Terence Tan and his team are very experienced in executing CoolSculpting treatments. I mean, just look at how many machines the clinic has!

CoolSculpting In Singapore

It’s important to ensure you go to a doctor who is experienced in this treatment because it is not cheap and you want to make sure every treatment is as effective as it can possibility be. From the way they place the applicator, to the part that they recommend you to treat, all of it comes from experience.

CoolSculpting in Singapore5

CoolSculpting in Singapore2

Second reason is the fact that the clinic has multiple CoolSculpting machines which means I can have more than 1 area treated at the same time. My treatment requires 4 applicators, so by having 2 areas treated at the same rather than 1 at a time, my treatment time is reduced by half. My weekends are super busy because I am a FTWM and all my weekends are dedicated to my children, so I always try to pack as much as I can in every precious weekend.

The Treatment Procedure

Controlled cooling is delivered via an applicator to freeze the fats in the targeted area. Different sized applicators are available for different areas. While most applicators use a vacuum to draw fatty tissue into the applicator cup (like the CoolCurve+ Advantage applicator on my love handle), other areas (like the one on my thigh) uses the CoolSmooth Pro which is just placed on the area to deliver the cool temperature. Halley Medical Aesthetics also uses applicators with the latest CoolAdvantage technology, which has a greater cooling area, increases patient comfort, and has a shorter treatment time.

CoolSculpting in Singapore7

In the photo above, I have 2 applicators attached to me. One for my love handle and one for my outer thigh. The assistants at the clinic were very considerate and gave me heaps of pillows to keep me comfortable because I need to restrict movements to keep the applicator in place.

After an hour or so (duration depends on choice of treatment), the applicator is removed from my body and the treatment area is now very cold and feels like hard stick of butter. Haha, but don’t worry, it doesn’t stay that way for long.

CoolSculpting in Singapore

CoolSculpting in Singapore4

The clinic assistant will then give the treatment area a quick massage to initiate the breakdown of the fat cells and aid in the natural removal of the now-dead fat cells by the body. It was a little uncomfortable but it made the treatment area feel much better after that.

Post Treatment – this is how it felt

I didn’t get any bruises and there was no swelling too, but the treatment area was numb for a week. I also had were tingling sensation ,which were more uncomfortable than painful. All these sensations disappeared after 2 weeks. I had some “before” treatment photos taken so stay tuned and I’ll share the “after” photos in 3 months! :)

Meanwhile, check out this video of my CoolSculpting treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics:

Tips for choosing a doctor for CoolSculpting in Singapore

  • Find a good doctor
    Make sure you find a good doctor that doesn’t make you feel like he is hard selling you everything he can.
  • Be wary of lookalikes!
    There are many CoolSculpting/Fat Freezing lookalike treatments in Singapore, and the prices can vary greatly. There is only one CoolSculpting that is US FDA-approved. Only doctors can administer this (definitely not at a small beauty or slimming centre).
  • Be educated
    Know the pros and cons of CoolSculpting. Read up on reviews and articles online so that your expectations of the treatment is realistic. For example, fat freezing won’t make you lose weight, but it can help to reduce fat cells – reduce inches or make a part less bulging.


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