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Have sensitive skin? Hop right in!

(Advertorial) I’m sure many of you have heard of the Physiogel – the leading sensitive skin brand and expert solution recommended by dermatologists. Recently, they launched a new Calming Relief Skin Care range that works to soothe sensitive skin.

Prevalence of sensitive skin

Did you know, about 1 in 2 women in Asia-Pacific has skin sensitivity issues*? And about 1 in 3 women experience facial redness – one of the most common symptoms of sensitive skin.

It can make complexions dull and uneven in tone! :O

I decided to try Physiogel‘s new Calming Relief Skin Care range for 14 days to see if the effects it’d have on my skin!

Calming Relief Skin Care

In the Calming Relief Skin Care range, there are 2 products – the Gentle Cream Cleanser & the Face Cream (or it’s variant, the Face Cream Rich).

How it Works

The secret of Physiogel is its BioMimic Technology. Our skin is protected by a layer of lipids. Lipids are natural fat cells that keep moisture in and irritants out. Unhealthy lifestyles and polluted environmental factors can unfortunately damage that lipid layer that protects our skin.

This formula contains an advanced complex of lipids that are almost exactly the same as the lipids found naturally in our skin. So if our skin is damaged, the lipids in the Physiogel Calming Relief cream repairs the damage and then strengthens the moisture barrier. Skin is healed, hydrated, strengthened and protected.

Let’s jump right in to the review!

Gentle Cream Cleanser 

Calming Relief Skin Care

My skin condition at Day 1 is usually face irritation when there are changes in diet and temperature. Especially when there are changes in the latter during travels. During hot and non-humid weathers, my skin feels dry and taut. When it’s especially dirty/polluted, that’s when I get breakouts!

Calming Relief Skin Care

First impressions when using the Physiogel Calming Relief Cleanser: It’s very very moisturising. The cream formula goes on gently and smoothly onto my skin and removes my light makeup effectively. My skin feels very soothed and comforted.

Calming Relief Skin Care

Tip! Always use this with a cotton pad. :)

Look at the dirt, impurities and makeup that was removed in one gentle swipe.

I use my usual liquid cleanser and follow up with this Gentle Cream Cleanser as a 2nd step in cleansing (yes you must always double cleanse!!). I like how this cream cleanser gently wraps up the 2nd part to my cleansing routine, locking in the moisture and protecting the skin from further dryness.

Calming Relief Skin Care

Face Cream 

93% of women saw visibly reduced redness in just 2 weeks^ after using the Calming Relief Face Cream!

Calming Relief Skin Care

The only other step is to apply the Face Cream. It is so simple (compared to all the serums and lotions and essences from all the other brands). I get really lazy at night so I really welcomed this short skincare routine at night. It’s very light in texture and absorbs quickly. There is a Face Cream and a Face Cream Rich version but I find the Face Cream more suitable for my usually-oily skin.

Calming Relief Skin Care

Because my skin is usually oily, I apply a thin layer during the day. A little really goes a long way. I do still use my toner, and serums before I put this cream on, and my sunblock after.

If you have very dry skin, you should use the Face Cream Rich variant. :) For those with dry lips, this can be used to moisturise the lips too!

Calming Relief Skin Care

1 week after using the Gentle Cleanser and Face Cream combo

I noticed that my skin is more moisturised (less oily too). The cream-based formula had me worried that it might be too heavy for day use – considering the crazy hot weather these days and my oily skin.

2 weeks after regular daily day and night use

I have no qualms about continuing on these products from the Calming Relief Skin Care range. I do think it is suitable for both day and night use. Best of all, the cream didn’t make my face more oily and it also did not aggravate my oily skin condition. It keeps it feeling soothed and hydrated. The face cream doesn’t feel thick under makeup, and helps my makeup go on smoothly.

Results may vary according to the various skin conditions. Now that you have read all about my experience with the Calming Relief Skin Care range from Physiogel, do try it for yourself. Pick up your very own sample pack here today!

*Source: Physiogel’s Skincare Asia study, conducted in partnership with Nielsen to study close to 8,000 women across nine Asia Pacific markets: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong.

This is brought to you by Physiogel Singapore.

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