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Have a hankering for some pies?

If you’re a fan of eating pies like I am, there’s a newbie pie place you should check out! Pie Face, the world’s largest pie chain, has finally arrived in Singapore. They are the leading micro-bakery cafe in Australia with more than 80 stores around the world.

They have recently opened up 2 new branches in Singapore (313@Somerset basement and Bugis Village (near Burger King)) and the aussie husband and I spent a Friday evening getting ourselves stuffed with pies.

Pie Face is best known for baking all of their gourmet pies from scratch. The dough take 3 days to prepare! :O At Pie Face, to create the best pie pastry is to fold their special blend of butter to create 48 layers. Them pies are then filled with fresh ingredients, premium cuts of meat as well as other delicious fillings.

Check out all the pies we had!!

Pie Face Singapore photo allthepies_zpsee2b4523.jpg

We tried every flavour there was on the menu.

My favourites?

Chunky Steak Pie ($5.20) and the Tandoori Vegetable Pie ($4.90).

Pie Face Singapore photo inside_zps50a534a2.jpg

The Chunky Steak Pie is also their best seller. I love the tender chunks of beef that melts in your mouth. The gravy that comes along with onions and garlic goes perfectly with the puff pastry which is very buttery, flaky and light.

Be warned though! Too much of the puff pastry and you’ll feel REALLY full. I guess 1 pie makes 1 meal for me!

The Tandoori Vegetable Pie was a surprise for me. I usually steer away from vegetarian dishes but this was very nice. Freshly chopped carrots, capsicum and mixed beans are drenched in tandoori sauce.

Other flavours we tried were Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($4.90), Thai Chicken Curry Pie ($4.90), and plenty more!

You can also opt to have mashed potatoes or peas stacked on top of your pie! I didn’t really like this as I like my puff pastry dry and flaky. :)

Pie Face Singapore photo rolls_zps572bab54.jpg

As if the pies weren’t enough, we had MORE!

These ain’t pies but they are as good as they look. The sausages were succulent and very very juicy. Have I mentioned that I love puff pastry + sausages? They go sooooo well together. The (white one) almond pastry stick had a lovely almond taste to it but it was a little bit too sweet for me. The cheese stick at the very far end was truly yummy but a little too oily.

Pie Face Singapore photo dessertpieface_zps9b3622ed.jpg

And yup, as if the pies and pastries weren’t enough… we sampled their sweet pies (desserts) and cakes too.

I couldn’t eat much more at this point. I do like the Chocolate Pie, and the Apply Crumble Pie. :) I do want to return and have myself more pies soon. I heard their coffee is good too. :)


Pie Face

313@Somerset, #B3-10 (Near Awfully Chocolate)
Bugis Village, 249 Victoria Street (Near Burger King)

Website | Facebook | Instagram: @pieface_sg

Mini pies start at $3.00 each!