Happy Valentine's Day 2008

It’s Valentine’s Day today

How did you spend yours?

Over the years, I have learnt that it’s best to avoid crowded areas and either I go home straight after work, or better still, stay at home the whole day, or do what I do most years – treat myself to a massage.

A massage on V day’s good no? I will be confined to a four-walled room with a quiet massuer whose skilled fingers will gently nudge me to complete relaxation.

No sight of flowers. No sight of couples. No sight of any form of lovey dovey’ness. No sight of girls showing off their bouquets and gifts. NOTHING. Heaven.

Oh come on, it’s just a day. A commercial event that sets prices of flowers sky high and gets all the marketing people at restuarants in a flurry to sell their restaurant as the BEST and the MOST romantic.

Card makers hurry to explore ways of expressing I Love You’s in more ways than one.

Florists spend on advertising to chalk up maximum orders for that day.

Chefs whip out special menus for that day and marketers rush to make sure table bookings are full.

This year, even the newly built Singapore Flyer is in this rat race for a share of the consumer wallet on V day.

Credit photo to Singaporeflyer.com

And with due reason. It’s new, it’s fresh, Singaporeans will do all that just to be different. But only for awhile, because time will ensure that the Singapore Flyer will no longer be something to shout about. Time will see every young couple solemnizing their wedding onboard and after awhile, people will not see it as something fresh and new anymore.

So were you one of the lucky few whose with one of those guys who filled up the bookings for V day?

Me? I was quite determined to be confined to four walls, then making no unnecessary stops straight home.

But as luck would have it, I had to go to Carrefour to get some groceries. I was hoping for the impossible – no bouquets in sight for the whole detour.

I think I saw like 30? In just small small Plaza Singapura. Oh man.

But on the bright side, I saw my new hamster. Her name is called Button-nose. I will have her marry Remy or Theordore. Whoever she takes better to. :)

Right. Right after I’m back from my trip to Genting this weekend.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. It’s not a day that I like going through, even if I have a BF because it’s overly commercialised and knowing it, I still have to spend some considerable effort reminding myself that it’s just one meaningless day.

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