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Guided Tours in San Francisco

San Francisco is a quiet little town with a lot of good food and sights to take in. I was there from Jan 12, to Jan 14 for a short trip.

I took 3 tours in total:

1) Muir Woods USD53
2) Grand City Tour USD51
3) Alcatraz Tour USD28

1&2 were with Tower Tours. They have a combo promotion which I missed and am very sad about. Taking both 1&2 will cost USD84 only. USD20 savings argh! Muir Woods tour brings you to a very surreal forested area with these giant trees that have lived for hundreds of years. The tour also has an option for you to end the tour at Suasilito if you so wish. You will have to catch a ferry back yourself.

Alcatraz Tour is a great one. Brings you to an infamous island that used to be a federal prison for the most dangerous criminals. USD28 includes quite a few other tours on the island but the highlights are the 15min video introduction and a 45min audio tour. It’s very interesting. It’ll be even cooler if you go watch “Escape from Alcatraz” the movie. :)

There are other tours too like a 15 hour tour to Yosemite (which I’d totally go except I was alone, prone to car sickness and the weather was extremely cold), a 11 hour Monterey & Carmel tour and a wine-tasting tour. I didn’t have time for these but you should check it out and see if any interests you.

Feel free to book online or via your hotel. The prices are flat. Non-negotiable.

Check out my itinerary and other details of my San Francisco trip here.


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