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That’s It. I’m Freezing My Fats at LUSH Aesthetics!

With 1 more week to go before I return to work from my maternity leave, I decided to treat myself to a post-pregnancy body “makeover” with the fat freezing treatment at LUSH Aesthetics. I have a lot of stubborn fats & flab in my tummy area, even before I got pregnant. I needed a little helping hand with those stubborn little fatty pockets that just wouldn’t budge!

About Lush Aesthetics

LUSH Aesthetics is an award winning medical aesthetics group with the latest aesthetic equipment and the latest FDA approved Medical Aesthetic Technologies. One such FDA-approved technology (as per their website) is the Fat Freeze that I’m going to do on my tummy area. Here’s how Fat Freeze works in a nutshell.

Lush Aesthetics(Photo credit to LUSH Aesthetics)

The branch manager was very nice and answered all the questions I had on Fat Freeze.

You probably already know but here’s a quick one. Fat Freezing is a 60-minutes fat reduction treatment that involves no needles or scalpels, is painless and works with just one treatment. Super exciting. It is no wonder that it’s such a popular treatment* all over the world with celebrities as well as at LUSH Aesthetics.

The 60-minute treatment is a pain-free and non-invasive treatment and can take off a couple of inches of fat off the treatment area in one session.

She told me that the best candidates for this treatment are people who are basically in shape, but with areas of stubborn fat. She said I will probably see about a 20 percent reduction on the areas I wish to target. Sounds good to me! 20% is not enough to make a fat person thin, but it can make a visible difference to the flabby bits.

While traditional liposuction offers more dramatic results, it’s also significantly more expensive with a whole slew of risks, anesthetics and sedation, plus weeks of ‘recovery’ wearing a giant elastic corset, which means a lot of down time.

Treatment Plan

Here’s my treatment plan. I’d love to work on my arms, thighs and butt too but let’s see how my tummy area goes first.

LUSH Aesthetics

Different applicators are used on different body parts. For a large area like my tummy, I was recommended the XXL applicator to cover my treatment plan above! For the 4 areas above, I had to go through the treatment 4 times, each lasting 60 mins.

So exciting! Stay tuned as I tell you more about how my treatment goes and the truth on whether it really works or not! :)

LUSH Aesthetics said that I can expect ONE DRESS SIZE down! Take my money already. I can’t wait to see the results!

Update: The Fat Freeze Treatment at Lush Aesthetics
The actual treatment review + photos!

Cost of Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing at LUSH Aesthetics is now on offer.

  • $104.86 (GST Included) for 1 Session of Fat Freezing for Stubborn Fats (U.P. $398)
  • $201.16 (GST Included) for 2 sessions (U.P. $796)
     (Choose from tummy, love handles, thighs, arms, back or others).

For more details, simply visit HERE.


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LUSH Aesthetics
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LUSH Aesthetics is located at Centrepoint & Bedok Mall.

*Please note that there are many different brands of fat freezing technologies out in the market with varying price points. Cheap is not always better. Please ask a lot of questions and google a lot before committing to any package.


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