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Fragrance: Especially Escada Elixir

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Pink pink and more pink! What an attractive visual. This was one of the things that got me interested in finding out more about the new fragrance from Escada – The Especially Escada Elixir, the intensely happy new fragrance for women.

ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir is the new, intense Eau de Parfum from the House of ESCADA. A powerful interpretation of the original rose-based fragrance, it is an exciting new addition to the ESPECIALLY ESCADA collection, building on the classic Eau de Parfum and the playful light- heartedness of Delicate notes Eau de Toilette.

Especially Escada Elixir photo EscadaExilir_zpsdc4f30bd.jpg

It is an intense scent which embodies happiness and sophistication, Elixir is inspired by the ESCADA woman who is boldly elegant, radiating confident femininity and joie de vivre, lighting up the room with her smile and energy. I think that’s kinda who I am.

Especially Escada is built around a rose heart. It emits a very intense soapy rose scent that’s uniquely alluring. Roses are all time favourite flower and I love the smell of roses. It’s intense scent makes it perfect for a romantic evening. I love how the tinges of ylang ylang and vanilla combines to make this scent soooo soothing.

I’m totally inspired and I am going to save this up for a romantic occasion with the husband! :) I was trying it on one night just for this review and he kept sniffing and asking what’s that fragrance. He liked it! :)

The ingredients:

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