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Fortune Telling in Singapore

When the future seems bleak, what do you do?

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Yup. I did what I have never done before. I headed to the Guan Yin Temple along Waterloo Street and prayed for some sign.

The guan yin temple said this about my fortune in 2011:

“As long as I can remain calm in a dilemma, to my rescue comes a saviour I can trust. Don’t move with haste and recklessness. Matrimony succeeds and pregnancy leads to a birth of a baby boy. The guest you are expecting has already started on his journey. This lot shows that anyone who can take it easy in times of trouble will find relief from grief and sorrow.”

It was a good lot.

I also asked about my love in 2011 which oddly talks about a expected visitor who is also on his way. So weird huh? Out of all 100 lots and I got 2 such similar lots.

I was not convinced and when to hunt down the other lots. DO ALL THE LOTS TALK ABOUT an expected visitor?!

Here you can read the lot interpretation in full here.
(The usual practice is $2 donation)

I also decided to have a little more fun and headed for yup, the parakeet fortune tellers!

Here’s what the parakeet said.

“I will be married at 28. Don’t marry before that. I will have 2 kids. I will lose my bag, wallet, IC and money this year. The house I am living in now is good. I used to be with someone but we’re no longer together. Money that I lend to others, I will not get it back.”

(I paid $3 for this short one-way conversation-type of reading)

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  1. Anonymous
    January 10, 2011 / 12:45 am

    i love reading your blog! and i remember turning towards something similar during a similar phase of life… except i went tarot card reading.. and it all seems to direct towards haste not and he will come…

    so i believe you will find your happiness again… and when that happened, you will be thinking, damm why didnt i do more things while i was single…


    jie ying