Did you know that the most effective means of childhood development is simply, to play? I didn’t!

It may be hard to imagine, but the best learning strategy to reach a child’s full potential in life is simply, to play! Play is the most effective means of encouraging healthy brain development and learning. Play sets the stage for success later in learning, building relationships and daily living skills.

And who better understands the power of play than well-loved brand Fisher-Price! This year, they are introducing the Play IQ concept with a focus on the three key areas of children development – Physical, Cognitive and Social & Emotional.

As a new parent, this is all very new to me. I really want the best for him and I strongly believe in being very hands-on. Fisher-Price® recently invited the husband and I to their upcoming Play IQ Workshop, a fun and educational workshop where participants will be introduced to the concept of Play IQ, its theory and benefits and how to better understand the importance of the role you play in your child’s development!

Four areas of content will be covered at the Fisher-Price® Play IQ Workshop:

1. Introduction and Goal of Parenting
2. Play IQ – The Theory
3. Play IQ – The Benefits and the Basics
4. Play IQ Learning Tournament

The workshop will be conducted by Ms Carrie E. Lupoli, a noted educational and parenting expert, founder of Live and Learn Consulting (Singapore’s premier private education agency) and currently the spokesperson for Mattel Fisher-Price® “Play IQ” in S.E.A. Read her articles here.

Workshop participants will leave with the knowledge that joyful learning opportunities provided with care and love are the most powerful component to develop children into well rounded individuals. Carrie will introduce parents to the concept of Play IQ and equip them with ways to engage meaningfully with their children.

I can’t wait!

FISHER-PRICE PLAY IQ WORKSHOP photo 10329950_697186833677989_328549951668094527_o_zpsd07f39cd.jpg

Trainer: Ms. Carrie Lupoli, Educational & Parenting Consultant, Founder of Live & Learn Consulting
Date: 31 May, Saturday
Time: 9am to 2pm (Registration starts at 8.30am)
Venue: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Conference Room 1 & 2, Level 9
Registration Fee: $50 per person (refreshment included)
Who can attend: Fisher-Price® Play IQ Workshop is open to parents with children up to 5 years old and expectant mothers only.

Goodie bag worth more than $100 will be given to each participant, plus great lucky draw prizes to be won!

For registration and further enquiries, please call 6536 6881 or email fisherprice@asiaprwerkz.com

Can’t wait! ♥♥♥