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I was thinking of going KL next week. I have a week between jobs. Yes, I am changing job! :) I’m mighty excited about my new company. I will be dealing with the online medium as a platform for advertising. 

How exciting is that!!!?

Anyway, I considered my options among flying as a mode of transport.
The cheapest is the airline I hate the most – Tiger Airways. $27.50 nett 1 way.
I have something on in the morning of the day I want to depart so I was looking for an airline with a late departure and I looked at JHB-SUBANG via Fireflyz.
The amount is a whopping RM125 nett! I am like, “What?” WHAT?! Fly si mi Fire? Ain’t they supposed to be super budget?!!?!?!?! I am flying mid-week leh! So it’s out of my list of options forever.

Duckie says: (12:34:21 PM)
you fly liao, your pocket will be on fire

Hahaha! Dang, I am back to buses or Tiger Airways. :/

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