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Finally the house is mine!

I am HAPPY to announce that the tenants have ALL moved out!!!

Hacking starts tmr!! I can’t believe the day for reno to start has already arrived!!! So soon!

Waited forever for today but yet when the day has come, it felt like its kinda soon! Hahahaha

Yes I will post pics of my selected tiles tmr.

I went to the flat to spot check just now and chauvinistically announced to emptiness that this is MY HOUSE! Small but its a home, my home!

I never need to rent another place from someone else. I never need to look at the “colours” of landlords.

So happiee!! I went to the nearby Sheng Siong to check out my new playground. Haha!

I’m so glad for the holidays to come. More holidays = more time to start my frenzied, overly possessive check ups on the progress of the reno! Hahaha! EXCITED!!!


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