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Feeling Like Some Yakitori? I Check Out Sumire Yakitori At Bugis!

Maybe you have walked past Sumire Yakitori House at Bugis Junction, well so did I and it was a pleasure to be checking their very first outlet here in Singapore, just the other day!

Sumire is an established Yakitori restaurant in Tokyo. Serving authentic yakitori, homemade tamagoyaki and clear chicken broth ramen at reasonable prices! Their chefs are all sent to Japan for training before they set up the restaurant too! When dining here, expect to spend abut $30-$40 per person. :)

“Sumire” comes from “smile”, pronounced as “Su-Mi-Le” in Japanese. As their aim is, of course, to bring a smile to everyone who steps into their restaurants.

Ordering was done through their ipad and if you need recommendations, their friendly staff would be more than willing to recommend something.

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Lemme show you what we had! There are some hits and misses but overall, it’s a place I would go back for reasonably priced Yakitori.

Their menu ranges from alcoholic drinks / non-alcoholic drinks, appetizer, salad, chicken/unique skewers, Agemono (fried item), Rice, Udon, Ramen & Desserts.

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The Choco Ball ($2.90) was recommended to me by the waitress and it is a seasoned quail egg with homemade special sauce. I don’t really like quail eggs but the husband does and he really liked the combination of the sauce & egg. He also had that special drink above which comes surprisingly with a lot of jelly. :) It’s alcoholic and the texture is super interesting. Too bad I couldn’t drink :(

Sumire Yakitori House photo 4_zpsf982fe17.jpg

Something interesting in a Yakitori House. The Mentai Cream Udon ($8.90) is very affordable and is a well portioned. But beware, this needs to be shared between two people! If I ate this all alone, I would be too full for any Yakitori! I love Mentai and there can never be too much Mentai in anything! Do try this! :)

Sumire Yakitori House photo 3_zps7dc425c4.jpg

Here comes some skewers.

Left: Chipi Bacon which is Japanese Green Pepper wrapped in Bacon ($5.90). This is worth a try. I like how the green pepper goes so well with bacon and I don’t feel too guilty eating this. :P
Right: Oyster Mushroom with Garlic Butter ($3.90). This was very nice. The mushrooms were really thick and oozed yummy mushroom juice out with every bite. The other skewer are some very nice pieces of chicken meat from the chicken’s shoulder. It was a special item that night off the menu. :)

Sumire Yakitori House photo 13_zps855c77fc.jpg

MEATBALLS. I am not a fan of meatball skewers cos I find them too meaty sometimes. If I could alter this dish, I would make the balls smaller and it would be perfect. There are many types of meatballs to choose from like with Teriyaki Sauce, with Teriyaki & Mayo, with Teriyaki, Mayo & Cheese. This is the latter at $4.90.

Sumire Yakitori House photo 12_zps0cf520e1.jpg

I was in the mood for some chawanmushi ($2.90). It was nothing to shout about the chawanmushi here. The skewer I waited for all night finally arrived too. I LOVE CHICKEN WITH LEEKS ($2.90). Grilled together with Teriyaki Sauce, I would order this dish at every Yakitori House I go to. I love Sumire’s version for the generous leeks and smooth chicken meat. Very reasonably priced too.

Sumire Yakitori House photo 11_zpsfc2965a3.jpg

Yes we ate alot. Here are more skewers!

L to R:
1) Eggplant with Chicken Miso Paste & Cheese ($4.20). Cheese was too heavy for me but I am really starting to enjoy all their vegetable based yakitoris.
2) Chicken Inner Breast with Horse Radish & Soya Sauce ($3.90). I found the meat too tough. Maybe it’s all the inner breast meat that’s tough. :/
3) Chicken Inner Breast with Cod Fish Roe & Mayo ($3.90). The sauce is nice but the chicken meat was a little tough.

Sumire Yakitori House photo 3_zpsc34d3a8f.jpg

Last I had a dish named Fuwa Fuwa, I enjoyed it alot. I was quite disappointed with this dish. It needed a lot more ingredients in it to make this worth my while. Fluffy Egg Udon ($8.90). It is however very very reasonably priced!

Sumire Yakitori House photo 7_zps86532ea3.jpg

This has to be my FAVOURITE dish throughout my entire dinner. I was SO CLOSE to ordering this again!! Handmade omelette with Mentai Cheese ($7.90). The egg was soft and smooth, the mentai added an amazing burst of flavour. Gosh my mouth is watering again!

Sumire Yakitori House photo 6_zpsdb16836b.jpg

This is also another top favourite. I totally did not expect to like this this much. It is a MUST order. Homemade Potato Croquette ($6.90) is a huge ball of success. It is deep fried to a crispy exterior and when I split it open… ta-dah!

Sumire Yakitori House photo 5_zps72e2274b.jpg

A mess of egg & potato salad appears! This is like ordering their potato salad but this has egg and is encased in a crispy exterior. I like how well everything goes together including the cripsy exterior. Gives this dish the crunch it needs to make it awesome.

We had a couple more dishes but let’s get on with dessert already!

Sumire Yakitori House photo 2_zpsabd9f0da.jpg

We got really excited at their dessert menu. On the left is the Mini Taiyaki, a red bean paste waffle with matcha ice cream ($4.90) and their house special, the Sumire Ice Cream ($3.90) which is essentially vanilla ice cream with brown sugar and bean powder. Both were very nice! I wouldn’t really order the red bean waffle again only because I am not a fan of red bean but I love the matcha ice cream & the Sumire ice cream. What a nice sweet ending to our feast!

If I could change something about Sumire Yakitori House, I would suggest that they put counter seats at the grilling area. I’d love to see all those delicious meat getting grilled to perfection! It’ll totally add to the atmosphere of a yakitori house.


Sumire Yakitori House
Bugis Junction #01-88/89
Opening Hours: 11:30am-10:30pm
Tel: 6338 9963
Facebook | Hungrygowhere | Website


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