Exclusive Promotions

I always believe in giving back to my readers for all the support you’ve been showing me. Here’s a list of all the exclusive promotions for my readers:

1) LeeKaJa Beauty Salon

Quote “Ju Ann” when you call LeeKaJa to enjoy a 10% discount off. You can SMS/Whatsapp them to make an appointment at 81330818.

LeeKaJa is located in the heart of Orchard road and they have a full range of beauty services ranging from hair, nail to facials. You can enjoy the scenic view of Orchard and enjoy all of their services in a cafe-like atmosphere.

Caely is my hair stylist and she’s exceptional. I’ve had my hair taken care of exclusively by her for the past 4 years. I love her for her expertise and creativity in reinventing trending hair styles to suit local asian hair. She’s done the crazy and the everyday for me.

Do check out all the other hair styles that Caely has done for me! If you’re looking for someone who’ll make your hair the envy of your peers, look for her! 🙂

2) The DRx Clinic

I’ve been going to The DRx Clinic for years now and I’ve done heaps of positive reviews on them. My doctor, Dr Hui Yun, is a gem and she has taken brilliant care of my complexion time after time, through all the milestones in my life. From pre to post pregnancy. Make sure you check out their DermaRX range of products! There are DRx Clinic promotions exclusive to my readers so PM me here to check what’s the latest promotion. 🙂


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