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5 Reasons Why I Invested in ErgoBloom

We recently welcomed the ErgoBloom, an Ergonomic Study Desk and Chair for children. We love how it has changed our child’s attitude towards studying and drawing. So to share our experiences, here are 5 reasons why we think it is important to consider ergonomic furniture for children.

ErgoBloom Review

1. Normal study desks are NOT suitable for children

I believe many of you would resonate when I say that we grew up using dinner tables and/or coffee tables to study.

I didn’t think much of ergonomic furniture for my child until I noticed how uncomfortable my 5 year looked, slouching over his kid table studying and at other times, having his legs dangling uncomfortably when he studied on the dinner table. It dawned on me that we needed a better table for kids to study.

In order to safeguard my children’s health and ensure they learn well, rather than have them adapt to their furniture, their furniture should adapt to them.

2. Children grow so fast in height, it’s hard to get them the right fit!

Children grow at an average of 7cm in height every year, to be exact. We bought a kid table for the boys when they were younger, to fit their height then. I thought they looked cute on a small table but then in a blink of an eye, they have grown so quickly.

My 5 yr old is 120cm now and my 3 yr old is 95cm now. I am not going to buy another table to fit them because they are going to outgrow them so quickly again. Having almost everything on the ErgoBloom desk and chair literally adjustable made it a no-brainer to buy it.

ErgoBloom Review ErgoBloom Review 1

The desk’s height and angle (as seen above) is adjustable, and so is the chair’s depth and height. This all-in-one will not just my older kid through his growing years, but also my younger one too! You can read more about it here.

3. Encourage better posture

Nobody wants their kid to develop the bad habit of slouching and slouching will happen if the learning environment is not suited to the child. Bad posture in early years can have long-lasting effects. I found myself reminding Daniel to sit up straight for so many times but on hindsight now, I guess getting him proper furniture was the key to resolving this.

ErgoBloom Review 5

Look at his new natural posture as he sits on his new ErgoBloom set.

4. Create a conducive and effective learning environment

When I was young, I did everything I could to make the environment comfortable for a long night of studying. I had drinks, snacks, some back pillows and the air con on.

I do believe that offering my child a high level of comfort and ergonomics in his study environment will create a more conducive and effective learning environment for him.

5. And lastly, because, why not?

I feel the strain everyday from my office desk (which is definitely not ergonomic), and I hate it. I spend money and time on chiropractors and shoulder massages, all in a desperate attempt to relieve myself from all the discomfort resulting from long hours at a rigid, uncomfortable table.

And honestly, the ErgoBloom Desk & Chair set pretty much has it all thought out for today’s kids.

ErgoBloom Review 3

The ErgoBloom Desk is easily adjustable in both height and angle (you can tilt it up to enjoy a better viewing angle and upright sitting posture) swiftly. The built-in drawer allows my kid to store stationery and even A4 sized paper. And unlike conventional tabletops, the ErgoBloom table surface is non-reflective, even when you shine a light on it, making it great for the eyes and reduces the risk of Astigmatism, myopia and other eye conditions. It even comes with a bag hook on the side for kids to hang their bags! How thoughtful. You can read more about the ErgoBloom Desk here.

ErgoBloom Review 2

And don’t forget the ErgoBloom Chair which comes as a great accompaniment to the ErgoBloom Desk. The ErgoBloom Chair is uniquely designed with its Flexible Split Backrest that you see in the photo above. This unique feature reacts to micro shifts in body weight and moulds your back to the backrest.

What this means is that, unlike a conventional chair which you must sit to get full support, the ErgoBloom Chair will move with your body and give your back support in whichever position that you sit in. With this design, there is 75% less stress on your back while sitting on the chair. You’ll understand how comfortable this feels when you sit on it.

Just like the ErgoBloom Desk, the ErgoBloom Chair is completely adjustable. Seat can be adjusted front and back, up and down and the backrest can be adjusted up and down. With a height range of 120 to 180cm, this provides the best support for your child throughout their development. You can read more about it here.

And Daniel’s verdict on the ErgoBloom?

I’ll say that Daniel’s behavioural change really says it all.

ErgoBloom Review 4

Ever since we got the ErgoBloom, Daniel started a really cool habit of doodling every weekday night after dinner. He does it without any instruction (and yes, we don’t watch TV after dinner). He finishes his meal and then goes to the ErgoBloom and just starts. We always knew he liked drawing but he has never done it so consistently before.

ErgoBloom Review 6

He now reads, writes, draws and does all his art & craft on the ErgoBloom.

Now that he has his own study corner, we are really glad that he is exercising his potential! The ErgoBloom BloomDesk and BloomChair retails as a set for just S$780 with extra shelf, foot rest and wrist pad. I’d say it’s a definite worthy investment.

Visit ErgoEdge’s website to buy directly or check out their showroom below:

110 Lor 23 Geylang
#07-09 Victory Centre, (opposite Aljunied MRT)
Singapore 388410
+65 68505017


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