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Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening Range review

There is nothing like lying on my bed, legs propped up, dressed in my most comfortable PJs, head completely empty of thoughts and just relax with a soothing facial mask.

We often forget how healing these moments are to our hectic lifestyle. I would know since I’ve had such a drastic change in my pace of life – going back to a demanding job after 3 months of maternity leave.

Not only did it take a toll on my physical self, my skin is also taking a hit from the change in pace and lack of sleep.

I decided enough was enough and slapped on what I consider a really good mask the other day.

Elizabeth Arden added 2 new products to their Visible Whitening range and one of them was the Mask I put on – the Visible Whitening Intense Brightening Biocellulose Mask (link).

This luxurious, fine textured biocellulose mask molds onto facial contours to saturate skin with intensive brightening benefits. It helps support skin’s own natural collagen and elastin matrix over time to reflect a brighter, firmer look. Boosting your Visible Whitening daily regimen, it helps skin feel incredibly soft and smooth and look more even toned, translucent and luminous. For best results, use 1-2 times per week.

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Maybe it was a very long time since my last home mask or it’s been a long time since I just lay down and de-stressed or maybe the product is amazing, my skin was visibly brighter and looked more rejuvenated after just one mask.

The other new product that’s also highly raved about is the Visible Whitening Anti-Melanin Spot Corrector (link).

This corrective spot treatment targets dark spots and uneven skin tone with intensive skin brighteners and melanin inhibitors. See spots disappear with continued use, resulting in skin that looks dramatically brighter, more even toned and translucent. For optimal results, use in conjunction with the Visible Whitening daily skincare regimen.

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It is promised to work hard at lightening dark spots and even freckles. Some peeling is expected but always remember to apply sunblock so that the new skin doesn’t get exposed to harmful rays and form a dark spot again.

I have this werido freckle (just one) on my nose. It appeared after pregnancy. Damn those hormones. I’m going to be using this EA product to target this spot. Stay tuned cos I’ll be back to show before and after photos.

A big thanks too to the great Elizabeth Arden team who put together a fantastic event held at Artisque where we paint jammed for an hour. See my interpretation of a white rose and some baby breath flowers.

Elizabeth Arden Blogger Event Singapore photo cc_zpsdbe7c278.jpg

No laughing okay. I am not a painter I know. :) Thanks for a lovely afternoon EA! :)

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