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Day #4 at Hanoi to Sapa, Part 2

Hello! Am back again with Day 4, Part 2.

On the way back from Halong Bay, we stopped at this handicraft halfway stop for toilet and (overpriced) snacks. No obligation to buy anything at all. But I was drawn to this when I was here on the way to Halong Bay.

Pretty damn amazing right! HAND-SEWN! With nothing more than creativity and a piece of paper as guideline.

I was contemplating which to buy when the bus had to go so I told myself, maybe I’ll look again on my way back. So here I am again and then I discovered that I can actually bargain at this place!! So remember! Bargain!!!

And I bought these:

Looks great on a wall! It didn’t come with the frame. I bought the frame from Ikea.

It wasn’t cheap but it’s a great momento for my trip here. :)

We arrived into Hanoi City about 4pm + and Mr. Trung at the Lucky Hotel was extremely kind to let us shower before we make our overnight train ride to Sapa.

I was really looking forward to it. Everything I have seen and read about on the Internet promises it to be something I have never seen or experienced before. People that still live in mountainous areas in tribes and wear clothes that are unique to their own tribe.

Super. Can’t wait.

We had a couple of hours to roam Hanoi a bit before we had to go wait for the shuttle to the train station (Yes! The package I got from Lucky Hotel even includes the shuttle there! Be sure to ask for yours!).

So we went to shop a bit and DAMMIT!!! That very sewed drawing I vbought, is selling at a fraction of the price here!!!

And Kerk was telling me how if they are selling it in masses this way, it’s NOT HAND SEWN!

*sigh*! Heart very the pain now!!

There the usual touristy stuff and the Hoan Kiem Lake… and the TRAFFIC of course!

Kerk has been nagging about eating KFC and so we went. It rained, so it was a relief to have some shelter at KFC.

Seriously, Singapore’s KFC is better!!

We went back to Lucky Hotel, showered, bought some water, some snacks and readied up for the shuttle that was to come.

It was a cab and in the cab, there was this 2 other old couple whom I said Hi (rather chirply) to.

It was like close to midnight and the station was FULL of people!

I thought the above shot looks kinda lonely. Invokes a feeling of waiting, of longing. Pictures of empty train platforms seem to have this effect.

This train to Sapa is made up of many cabins. Each of these cabins have slightly different comfort levels. Livitrans, friendly train, tulico, pumpkin, TSC, Hara, Royal and the list goes on. I chose King’s Express because it was recommended by Lucky Hotel’s Mr Trung (whom yes, is thankfully reliable).

It was a comfortable 4-sleeper cabin. Make sure your choice has air con!! Ours did but as with all trains, the air con is never good enough.

The bottom beds are way cooler than the top beds! Slept so well at the bottom bed (on the way back). The top one is kinda shaky.

One more cheeky shot and we’re on our way merrily to SAPA! :)


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  1. Borneo Falcon
    June 29, 2009 / 2:36 am

    The train cabin looks comfortable.

  2. MiChi
    July 5, 2009 / 7:33 am

    nice photographs!
    Definitely Spore KFC is better .. Malaysia KFC also like shit only, all wet like just finish shower, yeak!

  3. Ju Ann
    July 6, 2009 / 2:32 pm

    yea the cabin was cozy! :)

    Michi: ya! but a lot of singaporeans swear by malaysia's KFC!

  4. Miso
    December 13, 2009 / 3:43 am

    Hello! I just came back from Hanoi/ Sapa/ Halong Bay and prior to my trip, I was reading your blog. You didn't blog about Sapa?