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Day #3 at Halong Bay, Part 4

Ok, back with part 4.

Good bye beautiful Lan Ha Bay.

So after we had lunch, we were “shipped” to Cat ba Island to check into the Holiday View Hotel. There were many choices of accomodation on the island but it’s a small island. Holiday View was adequate.

Here’s our room. :)

Catba Island really isn’t very exciting. We were given free & easy time after we checked in. So after a nice warm shower, we wasted no time checking out the little town – all of which easily covered by foot.

As I wandered along the narrow lanes that made up of the island, I wondered how people could live here. Who can you sell to, to make money? There’s nothing here. Besides the market, spots of KTV joints here and there, a handful of souvenir shops… there was nothing esle.

This is the local bus I guess. Poor chickens were being transported on top of the very dirty looking bus.

We really had nowhere esle to walk or see or do after awhile.

We got back after a long walk – more to pass time and to get to know our German friends better.

It was dinner time and we were hungry! :)

We were really fed quite well throughout the whole tour. This time, we requested for rice to be served first – for they always serve rice last. For reasons that escape me.

Here’s a nice group photo of the tour group!

After dinner, the Germans and us went to check out a nearby beach. Bought some beer and went. I hate beer but well, won’t die from drinking it.

We chatted and told jokes and laughed about how linear IT engineers think.

It was dark when we got back and settled in for sleep. :) And finally, the end of Day 3 after 4 parts! *PHEW!*

If you missed my earlier editions about my Hanoi Trip, you can click here for more! :)


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  1. reanaclaire
    June 21, 2009 / 2:40 pm

    seeing yr pics reminded me of my trip to halong too… halong/hanoi is not bad.. ho chi minh is also good.. i mean for shopping la.. hahaa… plus eating, of course..

  2. kenwooi.com
    June 22, 2009 / 5:22 am

    the hotel room looks cozy..
    and the dinner looks nice! =)

  3. Ju Ann
    June 26, 2009 / 2:37 am

    dinner was yummY :)