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Day #3 at Halong Bay, Part 1

Before I begin on this day, please check out the last post I did on this. I mentioned about how dog-tired ALS was after climbing 400 steps to the top of Titop Island ya?

Well, guess what! I found incriminating evidence!!

Today’s itinerary promises to be exciting – I just had no idea how exciting! :)

I was groggy from my sleep and what a sight when I got out for some fresh air. : !

That’s ALS btw.

Breakfast was early, consisting of simple toast, jam and butter. I overate again.

First up, kayaking at Lan Ha Bay. While furiously planning for this trip, I insisted on a kayaking trip. It would bring us so much closer to nature. The term kayaking was debated passionately by ALS again. He claims it’s a canoe. Whatever lah ok.

Over dinner last night, we drew lots to see who’ll go with whom on the 2 man kayak, and your truly…. did NOT get ALS!!! So relieved. We made numerous cruel jokes about how, with ALS’s weight, Kerk (his partner) will slowly, but surely sink. Not capsize my friends, SINK.


This lady sells mattresses… I have no idea why she thinks we’ll buy though. Vendors like her are a common sight in Halong Bay. That’s how the women make a living while the men go hunt and fish.

The excitement was definitely amongst all in the tour. We got suited up (in life jackets, what esle), wrapped our cameras in plastic bags and got READY! :) I hate to say this but, okay, I admit I wrapped my camera is a very ugly Fairprice plastic bag. -.-

Some photo taking as we look forward eagerly to “boarding” the kayak.

This is ALS (Ah Long San) and his shirt says: Lick here to add me as a friend.

Some sick joke.

And off we go!

It feels so soothing to be paddling between beautiful limestone formations. To see nothingness in the far beyond. To hear only the splashing of water and my own laughter. To feel the gentle rocking of the kayak by the deep green waters that seem to hold deep secrets of the things they’ve seen.

The kayak that we figured would sink – well, cos ALS’s in it!

Hey, I was a girl guide before. I know how to kayak! :D

Roman, patiently taking a break, while I take, YET another photo of us.

Believe me, this photo took like many times to get it right. Roman is always doing something funny in front of the camera.

Sorry for the overload of narcisstic photos. Blue water, nice echo caused by surrounding limestones, guide blabbling on about some thing = what better time to snap snap!

Photo taking along the way proved to be quite a hassle and caused Roman and I to be the last of the group – as if that would stop the photo taking. Haha

We were led through the bay, going through tunnels and shallow areas. It was amazing. At one point of our kayaking session, we were completely surrounded by high limestone rocks. Just us and the clear, calm green waters. It was what paradise was meant to be.

We having loads of fun when……

……… disaster striked!! O.-!

Another story, for another time. Soon I promise!

If you missed my earlier editions about my Hanoi Trip, you can click here for more! :)


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  1. Borneo Falcon
    June 14, 2009 / 10:21 am

    Amazing how you able to balance the kayaks without capsizing

  2. Ju Ann
    June 15, 2009 / 9:25 am

    no lah, its quite easy really. super fun! try it sometime!