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Daniel at 6 months

I don’t know how 6 months flew by like that but it sure as hell did. My baby is growing up sooo quickly.

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It’s a beautiful 6th month with Daniel. At 6 months, Daniel is now able to sit very wobblily with some support. Big achievement unlocked! He is also very confident of flipping and has been doing it every single chance he gets. He explores every corner of his cot by flipping and flipping now. The little guy really needs very close monitoring now, and more space!

We introduced a WALKER to him this month. We really like the cute blue Puku Walker because:
– he could jump like crazy on it
– we could choose between having him stationery or letting him move
– we can even convert it to let Daniel sit on it like a rocking horse

After we put him in the Puku Walker, we went like “OMG WHY DIDN’T WE GET THAT EARLIER?!”. It freed up SO MUCH time on our end! He was happy to bounce in it and those taking care of him could eat or have a little bit of freedom! Guess we just love the walker because Daniel loves it so much!

This is again another month of many firsts. We introduced solids to him. It was very exciting.

We gave him mashed avocado and he was really into it. Check out this adorable video of him:

After 3 days, we introduced brown rice and mille cereal (brand: Holle). It looked nasty. I mixed it with warmed up breastmilk and after a milk feed, I gave him a little bit of cereal mixed with warmed breastmilk. Oh he didn’t take very well to it for sure. We persisted every day and finally, he can eat about 6-8 little spoonfuls now. :) We sometimes mix avocado in there as well.

Besides the basic cereal and avocado, we also introduced bananas to him. To our delight, he loves bananas are well! :) Here’s him using the Kidsme Food Feeder to eat his bananas. :)

Daniel at 6 months photo 11_zpsdbd8907e.jpg

Just love that happy photo of him in his yellow romper from Spring Maternity. The bamboo cotton material is so comfortable and is my go-to romper on a warm day.

My breastmilk supply is also at it’s end. I am only yielding 200ml a day. My frozen stash is also down to a few packets. I had to introduce formula milk this month. :(

We use Enfamil since he had abit of that at birth. Thankfully the transition seemed okay with him. He is now on half bm and half fm. He’s been a fully breastfed baby for 5.5months and it has been very rewarding. He has grown well. Now I hope he grows well on formula milk too.

Daniel at 6 months photo 22_zps04498f99.jpg

The terrible teething phase is also in its full glory. I can see two little spots on his bottom jaw peeking out from behind his gums. Poor Daniel has been trying to chew on everything. I have given him iced teething rings and his pacifier, in hope it’ll ease his discomfort. He is poo’ing a lot more now every day (5-6times). The PD said it’s normal because he is teething but he poo’ed at night too and he was looking like he was losing weight. I decided to go to Guardian and bought him a sachet of smecta which will help infants like him stop diarrhoea. We gave two doses (one per day for 2 days) and his excessive poo’ing stopped. Yay! So much more to come! :)

We brought him to Toa Payoh Polyclinic for his last round of monthly vaccinations and for the first time ever in his life, he developed a fever. He was so hot to touch. His whole body was warm even though we had the air con on. I slept lightly the whole night, worried about him. The next morning, he recovered and was definitely better. Thank goodness for this healthy little champ.

Age: 6 months old
Weight: 7.8kg
Height: 69cm

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