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Daniel at 5 months

It’s a month of many first for Daniel. Firstly he discovered bubble blowing and started spewing out heaps of saliva. If I complained about his saliva last month, this month should be termed THE SALIVA MONTH. He’s like a uncontrollable tap! Little dude is still always as cheery as ever, and making heaps of baby noises. More recently he started saying Mmmmmm Mumma a lot! I wonder if he’s trying to call me. :) Don’t all moms fantasise about that. Heh!

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We found him sleeping like that one day and knew his first flip is due soon! And we were right! Another great achievement for him this month is his ability to flip from his back to his tummy on both his left AND right side! Good boy! This happened on 1st of May, when both Peter and I were home to see it. My heart soared with so much pride and love. He has been trying so hard for a month now! Such a cutie. It was like just suddenly, he did it once successfully and kept doing it thereafter.

Last month he started smiling but it was this month that he started becoming way more responsive. We’ll make funny faces and speak to him in cute tones and he’ll respond by smiling. When we come home from work, he smiles at us too, I wonder if he recognises us.

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He smiles at even the random stranger who says hi to him on the MRT! He even responds to us now using his baby sounds when we talk to him. That’s so cute.

I am also really proud of him taking his monthly vaccinations so well with no side effects and only a little hiccup in his sleep routine. He went back to his normal routine after a week. He sleeps through the night mostly now and even has a routine of sleeping at 9-10pm till 8am the next morning. The little cutie smiled a lot at the nurse that was about to inject him too! Poor boy cried out loud but quietened down shortly. My brave boy, mummy’s proud of you!

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(Cutely dressed in Baby by Spring from Spring Maternity outlets!)

Oh and this month, we also tried letting him sit on a chair and he was super HAPPY about it!!! We were so amused to see him looking so cute on it too. It was over our brunch at Symmetry where we decided we had enough of carrying him and decided to try him out on a baby chair. It was pretty nice to have him seated on his own but we couldn’t leave him there for long. It’s not good for him to sit for so long on his own now anyway.

On the breastfeeding front, I am producing lesser I think. I am producing about 400ml~500ml a day over 3 pumps. We started Daniel on more milk this month, giving him 180-200ml per 3-hourly feed as compared to the 150ml we were putting him on. That’s about 900ml a day that he’s drinking. Thank goodness I stored enough milk in the 1st 3 months! :/

He’s still fully on breastmilk but he is starting to be very interested in what we’re eating. It is so tempting to give him solids already! I’ll try to hold back till he’s 6 months. It will be such an exciting and special milestone to conquer together! I love you Baby Daniel!!

Age: 5 months old
Weight: 7.11kg
Height: 63cm

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