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Daniel is an active one!

Daniel has grown A LOT in the past month. If you read my previous post on using Huggies Ultra Pants because he is getting active, it was this month that Huggies really made a difference!

Baby Daniel Ju Ann photo 1222212_zps90e6b85e.png

The little one is super cute and melted my heart in so many more ways than one. He is very good at flipping left and right now and is a lot more confident to do so. That also means diaper changing times are not a breeze anymore.

Baby Daniel Ju Ann photo 22_zps33f6f79f.png

I miss the times when Daniel just lay down on the changing table and stayed still as I changed his diaper. Slowly, he started to move his legs and arms… and now at 6 months, he is a terror! He flips the moment I put him down, he tries very hard to get up, and needless to say, his buttocks are never in the same spot for more than 5 seconds.

Baby Daniel Ju Ann photo Untitled_zpsb0c307b9.png

OMIGAWD. I mean, look at Daniel on the changing table at some mall we went to. :/

Using tape diapers on the little one is impossible – for his daddy at least. Changing diapers is like a two-man operation. We’ve been using Huggies Ultra Pants for Daniel and it has helped to ease our struggle during diaper change time. Now we just pull off the side straps and slide on new diapers (like wearing pants). Taking his soiled diapers off and putting on new ones is soooo much easier

And I haven’t had to deal with leaks at all after switching over to Huggies. Much love to the brand!

Earlier this month, Huggies held a blogger event for mummies and babies at Polliwogs and I am soooo sad I couldn’t make it. It must have been so fun to see all the babies at the Huggies fun shoot. Here are some of the other mummy bloggers’ babies!

Huggies Singapore photo 12_zps4354db81.png

Beverly’s very cute Hunter, hunting under the sea.

Huggies Singapore photo 12222_zpsf5a7965a.png

Lin Ting’s baby flying in the skies.

Huggies Singapore photo 322_zps72946900.png

Chantal’s baby Jayden starting young at sports!

Huggies Singapore photo 23423_zpsef8236f0.png

Maggie’s Baby Kayliss swimming in the sea. Awww!

And all of them are so active too! Becoming a mother made me coo at all babies. -.- Gosh. Well you know the other blogger mummies’ diaper choice too now.

Huggies Ultra Pants Singapore photo huggies001_zps2ea9364e.png

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See sizing chart below to help make your decision.

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