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Daniel and his Gerber Puffs

My boy is a happy eater. His eyes have a bigger “appetite” than his little stomach! Whenever there is a little space in his tummy, he is always up for snacks! Nestlé Gerber® Puffs were one of his first snacks and we’re lucky that Nestlé sends us a pack or two every now and then! Here’s sharing our review of Gerber snacks!

This time around, we received one canister of Nestlé Gerber® Puffs and and one packet of Yogurt Melts.

gerber puff review

Gerber Melts

This is the first time we let him try the Yogurt Melts (Strawberry). Made with real yogurt and fruits, Gerber® Graduates® Yogurt Melts contain live and active cultures that help to fight against harmful bacteria, thereby maintaining a healthy digestive system.

gerber puff review

Of course I had to try them first before giving it to him. Here’s a picture of my little foodie taking his first taste. Carefully… thoughtfully… haha!

gerber puff review

Unlike the puffs which are crispy, these yogurt melts are chewy. AND the verdict is out!!

Look at him, a total Nestlé Gerber® brand ambassador!!

From about 7 to 8 months, babies begin to chew and digest solid food. It is also at this stage of growth where they start to develop an enjoyment for eating. At 16 months now, Daniel is definitely a foodie!

I remember when he was 7 months or so, we gave him these little Gerber® Puff snacks to help him build motorskills and develop self-feeding skills as he explores the snack in his hand. He loves holding the little star puffs in between his tiny fingers. Super cute!

Till today, we still love giving him Nestlé Gerber snacks because it helps him to learn about different kinds of food, flavours and textures. :)


Nestlé Gerber® Puffs are suitable for babies from 8 months old and come in Strawberry Apple, Banana, Peach and Blueberry flavours for a RRP for $6.95. Puffs are sold at all leading supermarkets.

Nestlé Gerber® Yogurt melts are available in Strawberry and Mixed Berries flavours and are suitable for babies from 8 months old. Yogurt melts are sold at all leading supermarkets at a RRP of $7.90.


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