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Credit Cards has its perks

Because my friends, I got a new steamboating cum bbq machine from Standard Chartered Bank. Spending on my credit cards has earned me enough points to redeem a Morris branded steamboating cum bbq machine.
And I love it!
Check out how it looks like!

The BF is due to leave for overseas work so we had a little steamboat sesh at my place. It was such a new experience to only buy food we like. Previously at all other steamboating seshs over at friends, we always buy a wide assortment. So this time round, the supermarketing was very focused and super fast. Haha!
I bought prawns, crab meat (my fav!), fish tofu, sausages (NTUC branded sausages are awesome), enoki mushrooms (superb for steamboats), assorted veg and beef. Pity there weren’t any lamb for sale at NTUC.
Surprisingly, I found this easier to cook and clean as a whole process than the usual chinese cooking.
It looks like it’s an ideal option as dinner next time! :)


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