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Have you been to Coffee Bean lately?

Latest additions to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf food and drinks menu is pretty good. I was really looking forward to trying out the new Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended ($7.00). Roasted coffee beans, rich mexican chocolate and earthy spice flavours are well fused together and gave that icy cold indulgence that I’ve always loved The Coffee Bean for.

Coffee Bean

The hint of coffee and chocolate were both strong and well blended together. This is like a merger of 2 things I particularly love. :)

We also had a go at some of the items in their new menu. Here’s what we tried.

Coffee Bean

The Smoked Chicken Salad ($11.90) has smoked chicken breast atop bountiful greens, cherry tomatoes, cranberries and almond flakes topped off with a palatable sesame dressing. I love the almond flakes in every bite.

Coffee Bean

The Mediterranean Sandwich ($13.90) features Vienna bread, tomatoes, feta cheese spinach, eggs topped with hollandaise sauce, turkey ham and a side of mushrooms. It is an eye-catching dish. As I cut this right through, I see where they placed the feta cheese spinach. The perfectly cooked eggs went well tougher with the hollandaise sauce and the feta cheese spinach! I’ve never had such a generous serving of hollandaise sauce!

Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean

You’ll love the Creamy Seafood Fusilli ($14.90) if you have a taste for cheesy, rich-flavoured pasta. Made with mustard cream sauce, this dish is served with juicy prawns, scallops and scrumptious parmesan cheese. I couldn’t eat much of this (because it is so filling!) although it was very nice. The sauce is exquisite!

The Ultimate

Coffee Bean

Psst, if you want a quiet place to dine, make sure you go to their outlet at Centrepoint. Very cozy place and the branch manager there provides such pleasant service!


For more information on The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, check out the following:
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