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Circles.Life: 2GB of Data for $5/mth and NO Contract?!

Say hello to Circles.Life’s new mobile $5/mth plan where you get 2GB of data, 50 mins of calls and 25 smses! It’s perfect as a first mobile plan for my son.

Afraid of how addictive screen time can be, we don’t let the kids watch much TV/use mobile devices on the go or at home. But knowing how important it is to prepare them for the digital era we live in (or rather how unavoidable digital is), what we do is carve out specific times to bond over screen time together.

Screen time is addictive. Daniel always wants more so I’ve decided to make screen time an incentive for him. Since the new Circles.Life plan goes for only $5/mth, I am teaching him how to earn and save enough to pay for data.

What I appreciate most about this plan is the fact that Circles.Life automatically cuts off data usage once it hits the cap of 2GB. No more unwanted shocking bill situations! To have more data, uou can just easily add on a data boost (check out all the other optional boosts you can add on)!

You can also add on parental control rights at $2.99/mth to safeguard your child on the internet. Circles.Life’s Parental Control service is a network-based service that will block content that are categorized as adult content, hate and intolerance, as well as weapons and violence.

I’m taking this opportunity to teach him about finances and being mindful about data usage. Win-win solution! We definitely still carve time out for screen time together and hardly leave him alone to mobile devices. I do believe that there is a lot of good content out there that a child his age can benefit from.

Ordering a new SIM card from Circles.Life was super easy. I registered online and got my new SIM card delivered FOC via courier the very next day. Go check Circles.Life’s new $5 for 2GB plan out!


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