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Chinese Name For Baby

As if deciding on an English name for our baby is not stressful enough, we now have to find a chinese name for baby too! So after we went through like 4,000 over English names, we settled on naming our first born, Daniel. I know it seems crazy that after going through 4,000 “creative” and “unique” names, we settled on something that is relatively “common”.

chinese name for baby

Chinese name for baby

Now that we have decided the English name, the only thing now is, finding an auspicious Chinese name for baby Daniel. Traditionally, Chinese place great importance on their Ba Zi (time & DOB) of birth because it can affect the individual’s destiny.

I did some research on where you can go to to get your child’s name “counted” in Chinese in Singapore and thought I’ll share it with you guys here.

Here are some places :

1) Jing Zi Long Fengshui Centre

I very very nearly went with them. The name takes about 2-3 days (call to find out because sometimes it can be sooner or it could take longer if the master is out of town) and costs $88. You’ll get 10 names to pick from and a 1-1 consultation with the master.


2) Hua Xia Tai Mao Bi Centre

This website feels just a tiny bit too commercialised and automated if you know what I mean. Take a look at their website and you’ll know. They even have 3 different packages:

Naming Test (测名服务) S$68
Basic Naming (常规起名) S$128
Advanced Naming (综合起名) S$198

The good thing is, they revert within 24 hours.


3) Way OnNet Geomancy Group

There’s also this website that I found also recommended by mummies on forums. They have Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong & Master Goh Guan Leong on duty to advise on name selection. Take a look. Slightly more expensive than the others here.


4) Yiu Rong Zie Geomancy Consultation Centre

This master’s name appeared many many times over in many forums. Seems like he is quite popular. Master You Long Zi charges $100 (but do call up to double check). I suppose in some crazy sense, since he has no website, he is more “authentic”? Haha!

Address: 393 Guillemard Road, Singapore, 399790
Tel: 6743 5738
Cost: $100

5) Hui Master International Geomancy Pte Ltd 

He is pretty well known because Master Hui appears often on TV during Chinese New Year.
Price: $168
Address: Blk 101 Upper Cross Street, #B1-17J People’s Park Center Singapore 058357,
Contact: 6535 1928

What to look out for:

  • Many geomancers recommend choosing a Chinese name for baby that is compatible with your child’s dominant elements and which complements the elements of both parents.
  • The Chinese name for baby should also be crafted to accentuate your child’s strengths and compensate for any weaknesses.
  • When written, the name should have an auspicious combination and total number of strokes.
  • Make sure to read the Chinese name for baby aloud to make sure it sounds right, especially when paired with the family surname, in Mandarin and in various dialects.

In the end I didn’t go with any of the above because my parents-in-law in Hong Kong managed to get a speedy reply from their trusted family fortune teller.


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