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Cheap English Story Books from TaoBao

So I got my child (and ourselves) addicted to reading. Daniel would carry a book and come over to me at night and asked to be read to. It’s soooooo heartwarming and I’m really loving how he has started to love reading so much.

If you didn’t already know, local bookshops sell kids storybooks at an unbelievably expensive price. I’ve done all my research and found that you can buy these same great storybooks at a fraction of the price from TaoBao! Here are some of our favourite children storybooks for toddlers aged 2-3 and where to get it on TaoBao! :)

#1: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This book is a great book which my son loves. He loves pointing out where’s the sun, the moon, the caterpillar and all the food that the caterpillar eats! Within 5 consecutive days of reading this book, he can already complete the sentences for me. :)

复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【插画大师ERIC名作 the Very Hungry Caterpillar 好饿毛毛虫 纸板】

#2: The Whole Series On Maisy The Mouse

Maisy and her friends have weird names but I guess it works for kids. Daniel loves some books from these series. I personally like it for the colourful and interesting illustrations that accompanies the easy to read and understand story line.

复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【小鼠波波maisy系列绘本 原版英文绘本儿童英语故事 带贴纸】

#3: Where’s Spot?

I don’t know why but Daniel loves this to bits too! He laughs everytime we go from page to page, unable to find Spot the dog to eat his dinner.

复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【小玻系列翻翻书Where’s Spot 小玻去哪纸板书5本儿童英文原版绘本】

#4: Julia Donaldson Books

These are super expensive locally at $12-$15 per book. Very very nice big picture books with interesting illustrations. Get it at a fraction of SG’s pricing on Taobao!

复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【英文原版咕噜牛作者Julia Donaldson经典英文绘本大合集10本包邮】

#5: Peppa Pig Series

I had my reservations about this one. I mean, I never really liked Peppa Pig but Daniel loves the tv show and I decided to get him this series to read instead.

复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【粉红猪小妹 Peppa Pig撕不烂纸板英文版绘本玩具书 12册礼盒】


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I hope you benefited from this sharing! :)

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  1. Ju Ann
    April 14, 2016 / 8:36 am

    Oh you can use 65daigou :)

  2. Choon
    August 14, 2016 / 11:07 pm

    how about buying from Malaysia online bookstores? Like http://www.kidpicturebooks.com or little bookworm? I bought my children books there with quite reasonable price.

    • Ju Ann
      August 15, 2016 / 4:41 pm

      Thanks for sharing Choon! :)