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Celebrating the bump with Cottony Photography

I’m really glad I went with Cottony Photography for my maternity shoot. I was looking forward to doing a maternity shoot regardless of how fat or ugly I may look. I wanted to capture the moment for my child and for ourselves.

One is only pregnant for 9 months and it’s a unique phase in my life I want to remember – besides I don’t know if I will ever be pregnant again.

One day it will be nice to look back at these photos and go “OMG how huge I was!”.

Here are some photos to share. Era, my photographer made us both feel very much at ease. That helped with the whole shoot. The husband and I aren’t professionals at modelling nor are we naturals in front of the camera. Era gave a lot of guidance.

maternity shoot

She was good at ensuring my arms don’t look too big, she was particular about how my hair fell (I am too!), and she helped to provide all the clothes that you see in this shoot. I only brought my strapless bra (from Spring Maternity!) and undies. First ever shoot I could just show up in my underwear, literally!

maternity shoot

To be honest, I felt a little shy sharing my naked bump on my blog but I really like how tasteful Era’s style of maternity shoot photography was and decided that she deserved being raved about. So here you go.

maternity shoot

I’m glad I did it. I really like every single shot she took. Era’s a gem and if you’re looking to do a maternity shoot, don’t hesitate to email her.


If you quote my name, you get 10% off any package here. Or if you can gather 5 or more people who wants to do a shoot, do email Cottony Photography together and quote my name for a better bulk discount!

My maternity shoot package is $550 for 10 soft copy edited photos. :) Thank you Era. Because of you, we’ll always have these beautiful pictures to remember our first pregnancy. I can’t wait to capture our son’s first few days of life with Cottony Photography as well. :) (*Update: click here to see our newborn shoot!)


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